Top Ten of 2010!


The days of 2010 are coming to a close, folks.  And my favorite thing to do at the end of each year is to reflect on all my favorite things and make a good list out of them.  Or...a few lists.
This year, I am inviting you to join in the fun!  
For the next week or so, I am going to be posting a few lists of my top favorites of 2010.  You are welcome to join in by grabbing one of the buttons below to put on your blog and post away on your top ten favorites of anything you choose from 2010.

2 buttons to choose from:
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Here are a few ideas:
1.  Top ten blogs
2.  Top ten bloggers
3.  Top ten Etsy shops
4.  Top ten albums
5.  Top ten songs
6.  Top ten movies
7.  Top ten memories
8.  Top ten cooking wins!
9.  Top ten DIYs
10.  Top ten trips

The lists could go on and on!  And you are free to keep posting your lists well into January.  I know a lot of people get nostalgic for the year past once they enter the new year.  So go through the files of your mind and reflect on your favorites of 2010.  And be sure to let me know that you are playing along!  I am excited to see your favorites.  Your favorites of 2010 could end up being my new favorites for 2011!

For those of you featured on my Top Ten of 2010, 
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