Urban Craft Uprising - Seattle

Pretty friends
I wanted to show you a few more photos that I shot at Urban Craft Uprising last weekend. Well, 2 weekends ago.  Above is the profile of my lovely, crafty, and beautiful friend Danielle and her pretty friend whose name I can't remember.  Shoot!   Danielle was a featured seller on Etsy way back in 2006.  She is an Etsy classic :)
Vivi Dot Online.com
Vivi Dot Online.com
I was super excited to get to meet miss Molly from Vivi Dot.  I have seen her stuff all over the blogging world and I love her collaboration with one of my favorite blog friends Diana from Our City Lights.  Molly and I have chatted a little bit recently and we found out we live in the same neighborhood!  Isn't it so strange when you find out that someone you totally dig in the blogging world actually lives really close to you in the real world?  When 2 small worlds combine...
Berkeley Illustration
>Berkeley Illustration
Berkeley Illustration
I've always loved Berkeley Illustration's animal portraits. I got a little something something for a friend of mine who blogs all the time.  :)  Not telling who it is until she gets it!  Hint, she loves loves loves kittehs.
Dotty Speck.com
Dotty Speck.com
Dotty Speck.com
A new favorite of mine that I discovered at the show is Dotty Speck jewelry.  You can check out her blog here.  I'm usually all about the huge bling, gaudy rings are my thing :)  But there is something so elegant and graceful about her tiny little jewelry pieces.  I really really really want a gold wishbone necklace.  SO pretty.


Barnicles said...

gorgeous stuff! i love her little rainbow necklaces!
gorgeous photos as always, shot one is stunning! :)

becks said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE the animal pillows. Squirrels are my absolute favorite!

Molly said...

Thanks so much for including me and my booth! Can't wait to meet up in the hood soon! Oh and my fiance is getting the kitties in t-shirts print for Christmas. It's the cutest!!

Liz said...

Whoa everything looks so great! Jealous you got to meet Molly.
And I loooove Berkeley Illustration the boyfriend & I collect his animals in business suit series :)

Diana said...

Isn't crazy to see etsy come to life?? I loved your perspective on the fair!

Becca said...

these little things are so adorable and beautiful!
I like them all.
and I like your style!

DanielleDIY said...

Oh haaaaaay! Missed this entry on your blog (/?)
Friend is Kassandra!