Amethyst Rings Are Back!

Amethyst Collection
Amethyst Stalactite Double Ring!
Amethyst Stalactite Double Ring!
Amethyst Stalactite Double Ring!
Raw Amethyst Ring - gold
Raw Amethyst Ring - silver
Raw Amethyst Ring - brass
Aren't these amazing!?! I was so excited when I found some of these gorgeous crystals. I had to make some major bling rings. These are now all available in my shop! They sell fast so if you are in love, jump on over there asap!

I am now mounting them on silver plated, gold plated, and brass rings just so you have your favorite choice available :)  Happy shopping!


M.M.E. said...

They're beautiful! I love the hard edges of them.

Becka Robinson said...

Love them.

*Trisha* said...

The flat one with the green looks like a heart! Love it (:

mandy said...

so pretty!

Ashley said...

really loving the new additions! =)

Kristin said...

*swoon* These are gorgeous!

Meggs said...

I love your work, gorgeous!

Milly said...

Loving your blog, am following you!

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