The Best Gloves for Typing


Happy New Years everyone!
I love these gloves that my boyfriend gave me for Christmas. It is freezing cold in my apartment right now so I am sitting here at my computer working, wearing gloves, my warmest coat, my thickest leg warmers, and my heaviest boots.  So cold!  I might have to take a mid work day break and jump in a nice hot bath.  Ah the joys of working from home :)


Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY need those! I was just telling my husband how freezing cold my mouse hand is...haha!

Chrissy said...

Oh, how cute they are! Did you make them?

*Trisha* said...

Super cute gloves... pretty sure I want them ^_^

*Trisha* aka, your newest follower (:

Awmber said...


Cheeyan said...

they're so cute!
I love your blue eyes :)