Feature Sponsor: Ali from Ballpoint & Pen!

I am really happy to present my very first featured sponsor!  This is Ali from Ballpoint + Pen.  Ali is such a sweet girl, packed with creative ideas.  I am a huge fan of her Make Due Monday feature, I mean, everyone loves ideas on how to create and enjoy lovely things while saving money!  I am totally obsessed with her Make Due Monday Feature:  D.I.Y. Budget Planner.  It's the perfect compliment to my blog sponsorship organizer!  Great minds think alike?  :)
Tell us about yourself!
Hi! I’m Ali! I live in Northern California and have lived here all my life. I think I was the only person in my high school graduating class who wasn't chomping at the bit to move away. I like it here! I am married to my best friend Nicolai and we have quite the story, but I’ll have to save that for another time! We live in a very old quirky house in the country. We have peacocks in our front yard daily! It sounds amazing, I know. Just wait until you hear how noisy they can be! We hope to have our first little one in the very near furture. I’ll admit I have a bit of baby fever! I periodically buy baby clothes and other things and I’m not even pregnant yet! opps! I discovered blogs a few years back in  2006 and started a blog called Pincurls and Peacoats but after a huge shift in my life, I felt the need to start over. I deleted the blog and started Ballpoint+pen. Here I like to write about my life, projects, recipes, and share my photos. One of my favorite things on the blog is my Make do Monday feature! It's all about making do with what you have and creating something fantastic!
 Hey Ali, What is your favorite book?
My favorite book is this little leather bound atlas that my husband gave me. When he proposed, he tied the ring to the ribbon bookmark and put it on the Denmark map because he is Danish and we were talking about moving there at the time. He said that where ever he goes, he wants to go together. I like to mark all the places we travel in it! I hope that one day it is worn with use and full of notes, brochures and souvenirs from all over the world.
Favorite Crafting Tool?
My favorite crafting tools are by default embroidery floss and a needle because I love to embroider but I have a ridiculous love of washi tape and pretty paper for journaling and whatever else I can think to stick it on! I used washi tape and yarn to wrap all our Christmas gifts this year and they were so cute!

Favorite Drink?
My favorite drinks are always hot, because I am always cold! For me, vanilla chai takes the cake! I started making it at home and love it! I just posted about it on my blog actually!  Read it here!

What are somethings you always keep by your side?
Some things I always have in my bag are washi tape (ya never know when you might need it!), my journal/planner for the blog and personal stuff (in case I get a brilliant idea on the fly), and my iphone! I use the camera all the time, not to mention it has my list of things to look for at the thrift store, my emails, and my blog reader on it! :)

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Anonymous said...

fabulous feature! i love her blog, thanks for sharing so i could discover it.. (isnt that what its all about?!) Make do Mondays is AWESOME! :)


Ashley said...

She's too precious. I love her blog!

Cole said...

I can't believe its taken me this long to find your blog. Its lovely! And Ali is a sweetheart. Love her blog too. :)

kelly ann said...

she is seriously SUCH a doll.

AKdottie said...

Oh my goodness! I just found your blog and absolutely adore it!!!!! I can't wait to keep reading :)