How to Manage Your Blog Advertising

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So I'd love to share with you a look into how I keep track of all of the sponsors on my blog and how I keep track of all of the places that I advertise my own blog.  Sponsoring blogs is the best way to get traffic to your blog and/or shop, and an incredible way to make new friends, not only with the person whose blog you are sponsoring, but also with the new readers that visit your blog because of your advertising.
I have only started hosting sponsorships on my blog in the past month, but with all of the people who contacted me wanting to advertise, I knew I immediately needed to set up a clear structure to manage all of the info.  It can get super crazy in my email inbox trying to juggle all of the info for all of my different jobs and projects.  So having important info organized on paper helps keep me sane.

Are you hosting sponsorships on your blog currently or considering it for the future?  Here is a helpful way to manage your sponsor info.

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I am using Kyla Roma as an example for this demo.  Note:  since this is a demo, not all the sponsor info in the image is true :)

So when I manage my sponsorships, there are quite a few things that I need to keep a tally on.  I keep all the info about the design of their ad in a specific folder in my gmail, since I create ads for most of my sponsors.  So if I wanted to, I could also include the info about the design of the ad in my booklet as well.  Here is some info that I would recommend keeping track of each month:
  • Sponsor's name.
  • Sponsor's email, blog address, shop address.
  • Whether they have sent you the ad image.  yes/no
  • What address to link ad image to.
  • Size of Ad.
  • Invoice sent to sponsor.  yes/no
  • Invoice paid by sponsor.  yes/no
  • Blurb about sponsor requested.  yes/no
  • Promotional blurb received.  yes/no
  • Blog post about sponsor uploaded.  yes/no

Next I will be using Pugly Pixel, the Flowerchild Dwelling, and Freckled Nest as examples.  Note:  Not all of the sponsor info in this image is true, it is just a demo!

I think it is really important to keep track of the places that you are advertising your blog.
My three methods of advertising are:
1.  by sponsoring other blogs by payment
2.  sponsoring other blogs by trading
3.  doing giveaways of my jewelry on other blogs

Here are all of the things I would recommend keeping track of when sponsoring other blogs (tally every month):
  • Budget for sponsorships (monthly)
  • Your categories of advertising options
  • Paid Sponsorships
    • Names of blogs sponsoring
    • Price of each sponsorship
    • # of hits on your blog via their blog (tally after 1 month)
    • Any info they requested sent.  yes/no
    • Advertise on their blog again?  yes/no 
      (test out advertising on their blog at different times of the year.) 
      (test out advertising at various price ranges and on different types of blogs.)
  • Trade Sponsorships
    • Names of blogs sponsoring
    • Type of trade (trading ad for ad, jewelry for ad, etc.)
    • Value of trade
    • # of hits on your blog via their blog (tally after 1 month)
    • Any info they requested sent.  yes/no
    • Advertise on their blog again?  yes/no
  •  Giveaways
    • Blog name hosting your giveaway
    • Giveaway item name
    • Value of giveaway item
    • # of people who sign up for giveaway
    • # of hits on your blog via their blog
    • Any info requested sent.  yes/no

If you do a lot of advertising, you should really keep track of your information so you know that you are spending your money well and that your advertising is working!  If keeping track of all of this feels a little overwhelming to you, know that Leigh-Ann and Kyla from Freckled Nest offer assistance with AD Management!  As quoted by Leigh-Ann, "We help bloggers develop a successful advertising program and we take everything off the bloggers hands.  Plus the advertisers still deal with a person, aka Leigh-Ann or Kyla, rather than an automated service."  This is perfect for those of you with busy lives, wanting to promote your blog or small business, but lacking the time for the detailed tracking of AD info.
You can contact Leigh-Ann or Kyla at hello{at}frecklednest.com

Was this post helpful?  Let me know and I will post more How To's!


Amy T Schubert said...

I LOVE this ... Good reminders of all the pieces of info it's important to keep track of!

Veronica said...

Yes!! This post is extremely helpful - I just started thinking about stepping-up my blog recently, and wasn't quite sure about how to take the next step. This gives me a little insight into the whole ad process, and makes it a LOT less intimidating. Thanks!!


Sarah said...

It's always interesting to see how other freelancers handle the office end of things. I have a bunch of spreadsheets in google docs that I use to keep track of clients and advertisers so I know how much money is coming in and going out.

sewtara said...

This is really informative! Thanks for taking the time to share, it's really detailed and comprehensive. Lots to digest.

Little Gray Pixel said...

Very helpful! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Very helpful! I've been really intimidated by ads.

Anonymous said...

i really wish i had been as organized at you when i began advertising and accepting sponsorships in 2010. well, it's early enough this year that i can employ your system. :)

by the way: i adore your moleskines, your doodled covers and photography. LOVE.

my best friend jules said...

This was super helpful, thanks!!! :)
xxx mervi

Darling Nikki said...

extremely informative and helpful! especially keeping track of how many hits you get from advertising on other blogs.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post Moorea! I will definitely save this when I sponsor.

mei said...

Moorea, I love your doodles, super cute!

yesss! do more How To's :)

Silvitanova said...

It must be a pleasure to write in such a cute notebook!
I'm so bookmarking this post, very helpful!

vivianna said...

very helpful! thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

This is such a cute way of tracking it! Loved seeing my name up there in your handwriting- I'm such a geek but it gave me a big thrill :)

Mamma Ella said...

Even though I do not do blog advertising I loved the photos of the examples!

Eva said...

Thank you for sharing! I hope that I soon will be in this situation, ha!

My Heart Blogged said...

Than you for such a helpful post. While I'm not at that point yet, this is very informative for where I would like to be one day. My Heart Blogged

Alycia (thecuriouspug.com) said...

thank you so much for this! i was considering using excel just to have something with a chart, but i hate that program. this is great thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! This is very helpful! I've been wracking my brain, trying to figure out the best way to go about getting/managing advertising. This is very useful information as I get started.

Bean said...

Wow! These are so attractive in every way. Why is it that organizing is so inspirational? Thank you!

Ainsley said...

good idea!