I heart Local Music

See those magical hands on that blue/yellow/white album?  Well, hey, that is the album of my dear friends Hot Bodies in Motion!  ( I did the album artwork.  woot woot!)  I am so pleased to see that they are now in the "Featured Local Music" section at Easy Street Records!  Ask your local record store to carry Hot Bodies in Motion's debut album "Old Habits."

Listen to their ENTIRE ALBUM here!  
And then go buy your own :)


a day with kate said...

So exciting! For you, and for them! :)

Anonymous said...

That's so awesome! Congrats on that! Sometimes it's so hard to believe that a drawing can make it into so many people's homes right? Oh, and a really pretty illustration at that ;)

Theresa said...

Congrats! I can imagine that would be such a thrill to see your own work on an album cover!

Liana Kangas said...

LOVE local music, I'll have to check this out! Nice album artwork!!!!!!!!


jamie said...

im actually listening to YOUR music and wow... youre so talented <3 if only we could hangout and jam together. xo

following. i couldnt help but fall in love.

Anonymous said...

oh! love! when i visited seattle this past fall we went to easy street and the breakfast was aahhmazing..i got something like dolly parton pancakes haha they were sooooo good, that place is so cool! :)