Limited Edition Gypsy Crowns! - In the Shop

Well, since lots of lovely ladies seemed to dig my gypsy crown, I decided to make some for my etsy shop!  The trick is that I only have enough chain to make 2 so if you want one, you better grab it quick because you've got some competition!  Head over to my Etsy shop to get yours before anyone else scoops it up!

UPDATE:  sold out!
I'll work on some more styles for you guys very soon :)


Ashley Reynolds said...

These are so gorgeous Moorea! Love them!! I have been meaning to email you back too...I'm saving up my pennies for one of your blog makeovers. ;)


kelsie marie mcnair said...

Moorea THESE ARE AMAZING i might need one soon for my With Lavender and Lace models!

kelly ann said...

oh. my. gosh. i really hope you make more crowns in the future, they're a DREAM. these fit my style perfectly... i'm so sad they sold out before i could grab one. :(