Music Monday: Allen Stone

At the Hot Bodies in Motion cd release show a few weeks ago, Allen Stone made a guest appearance singing Senorita by Justin Timberlake.  I was BLOWN away by his voice.  This kid has soul!  He is a fellow Seattlite and an extremely talented musician.  I think what really distinguishes him from other Seattle musicians is that well, he just doesn't sound like any of the hoards of folk rock bands we have here.  I love folk music, but it is nice to have a little variety :)  Allen genuinely has soul and groove and an incredible smoothness to his voice.  I would say his music is sort of pop-soul R&B feeling with a little bit of rock and roll thrown in every once and awhile.  Basically, the perfect soul filled cherry on top of the big creamy musical ice cream sundae of Seattle.  Also, important to note, his latest self titled album ( yet to be released) is so catchy that I'm singing it all the time.  It is definitely made for lovers.  You can buy the single from this album and his debut album Last to Speak on itunes.

I chatted with him a bit at a friends house (after the show he performed with Hot Bodies In Motion) and man he is so nice too!  I later connected with his girlfriend Rachel Sumner, who is an fabulous photographer, and came to find out that she is close friends with my best friend's roommates and used to live in the same house as my bestie!  Small world.  Ps, you'll get to meet her soon on my blog in February :)

Check out this video and tell me what you think!  This makes me miss summertime.

I love this video of Allen and some of the boys from Barcelona coming up with creative ways to add texture into one of Allen's songs.  Makes me miss recording music.  And another funny connection here is that I used to be on the staff of my college radio station with Rhett from Barcelona, haha. Seattle musicians are all connected somehow I think.

Say hello to Allen Stone

you can stream a select number of songs from Allen's yet-to-be-released album here:  Allen Stone Music

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