New Tiny Earring Collection!

Tiny bullets! Eek, I love these.
tiny bullet earrings - gold
tiny feather earrings - silver
tiny key earrings - gold
tiny scarab beetle earrings - brass
tiny feather earrings - gold
tiny box earrings - gold
tiny key earrings  - brass
tiny key collector earrings - gold
tiny triangle earrings - gold
tiny feather earrings  - brass

So I usually make more elaborate larger jewelry pieces, but the other day I thought, man, I don't own any tiny jewelry at all.  I need to balance out my gaudy with a little bit of tiny and dainty.  So here we are now with a new collection of tiny earrings for my shop!  Lots of tiny necklaces are coming soon too...along with some more elaborate earrings and necklaces too of course.  You know me, I still like things fancy :)
ps, here is a little preview of a few other pretty things now in the shop & coming soon :)

Winter Jewelry Collection


Chrissy said...

They are gorgeous! I love the bullets and the feathers and the keys....well, all of them!

Mizdragonfly said...

Very lovely - the bullets are rockin'!


Anonymous said...

those little bullets are so great! and i spy some pretty sweet wood pieces in that last photo! love them already :)

kelly ann said...

if i had extra dollars i would buy one of everything in your shop... and then i would buy more to give as gifts to everyone girl i know. seriously. it's all so so fabulous. LOVE.

Anonymous said...

i wear small earrings most of the time and it's hard to find small earrings that hang a little, too. these are stunning, moorea -- you rock.

Anonymous said...

i usually like big and chunky, but tiny is super cool too. I love your work - it's so clean and fresh. I have to have a chunky ring (wanna do a trade?).

love Jill

kelsie marie mcnair said...

mooooooorea, i am dying for the second woody necklace.

Googlover/keishua said...

these are so nice.

beth said...

you make such beautiful jewelry!