Taking it To the Streets

Old Habits Review | The Stranger(s) | Hot Bodies In Motion from Hot Bodies In Motion on Vimeo.

My friends Hot Bodies In Motion, yes that is their real band name and yes their music seriously sets some hot bodies in motion, are releasing their debut album in less than a week! I am so excited for their show at Tractor Tavern on the 8th.  If you live in Seattle, I highly recommend that you come to the show!  And hey, if we haven't met yet and you spot me in the hot and steamy crowd of writhing 20 somethings, come say hello!  Oof, that sounds a little creepy.  Well, say hello when we are not all crammed on the dance floor.  :)
On Sunday, the boys hit the streets to ask strangers their thoughts on the new album.  If you watch the whole video, you will get to hear a sneak peak of every song on the album!  Looks like everyone in Seattle is loving it.  I'm so excited for the show!
(Ps, I did all the album artwork!)


Kyla Roma said...

This is such a cute viral idea! Almost as cute as the artwork... :)

Mizdragonfly said...

I like it, sounds pretty good :)


Sara Kate said...

I REALLY dig their sound! I might just have to scoop this up when it comes out. Oh, and the artwork is fab, but that goes without saying :)

victoria hughes said...

hello there! popping over from the garden, wanted to let you know i have awarded you with the stylish blogger award on my blog for being such a cool blogger :)

peace. love. create.

Kate said...

Very cool! Maybe I'll swing by after Ballard art walk that night and say hi. :)