Thank You Friends

Thank you all SO much for the responses to my last post.  I am really thankful for all of your different perspectives.  There are a lot of thoughtful and kind bloggers in the world it seems :)  Thank you to those of you who left a comment offering your thoughts.  Thank you to those of you who took the time to send me an email telling me about your own similar experiences.  Thank you to those of you who tweeted me, or retweeted the post.  Everything you said really meant a lot.  Even the cynics gave me something to think about.  All words were valuable.
Saturday was an incredibly powerful day full of a lot of pain for a lot of people.  And it seems it was not just my little community who was feeling the weight of something dark and heavy.  A lot of my friends came to me on Saturday with their own sudden immediate pains.  But something really beautiful amidst this all was that I ABSOLUTELY felt your prayers, good thoughts, and good vibes being sent out into the world.  Everyone in my home felt your warmth and love.  My housemates we thankful for my post, and even more thankful for the goodness that you sent our way.  We really needed it.  Some people came to really powerful realizations and revelations.  Saturday was a turning point for all of us in our own ways and as a collective.  And we really needed your prayers to help us over some big emotional hills. 
There are still some really difficult hills that a few of my housemates need to climb this week, specifically tomorrow.  I won't go into it out of respect for them.  But I believe they are being so cruel-y beat up by a small community of people who should be treating them as family.  Please keep my friends in your thoughts tomorrow.  We have seriously felt the movement of your prayers in our home and are feeling more safe and free in our space.  Now that our home finally feels once again like a safe haven, my friends still need your prayers to not feel attacked outside of our home.  They have a big challenge to face tomorrow.  And they just need your warmth and love to keep their hearts at peace, empowered in what they know is beautiful and true.  They need to stand up for themselves not in anger but simply rooted in the fact that their voices are worthy of being heard and respected.  They need prayers that sexism can be fought!  They need prayers that encourage closed minds and hard hearts to open and soften.  They need prayers for resolution and forgiveness on all sides.

Thank you SO much you guys for being such an incredible support to me and my community.  We really really love you and appreciate you so much.  <3
xo. Moorea


*Trisha* said...

What wonderful news. It's so good to hear that our prayers have been paying off (:

Of course, I'll be keeping all of you in my prayers this week! (:

San said...

You sound so much more positive today, Moorea. This is wonderful! I'll keep you in my thoughts and hope for many, many good changes.

stephy said...

Wanted to ask you to pray for David and me, I'm feeling attack and tomorrow we met with the same group M&K did last week. xoxoxo