A Thank You

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Oh man, my life has been insanely busy lately! And I am not complaining :)
 I am going to do some illustrations for a big huge phone company, but I'm going to keep it a secret and not tell you who.  Heehee.  I'll check with them first before I let that secret totally out.  I was obviously SUPER pumped this past week to be both featured on A Beautiful Mess and in Frankie Magazine's newsletter.  And on top of all of that, I was just contacted by another major magazine to hold a sweepstakes of my jewelry!  This magazine is kick ass and I am SO honored that they dig my jewelry!  This week has been totally insane to say the least.  And I have had to get my organization A game on!

Here are the 6 notebooks that I use to keep track of all of my projects and ideas.
  • Blog Designs (All of my Freckled Nest work)
  • Blog Ideas (All of the ideas I have for my own blog)
  • Etsy Ideas (keeping track of sales and brainstorming new pieces)
  • Blog Ad Info (keep tracking of my sponsors info and where I advertise)
  • Freelance & Other Projects (All of my commissioned work and more!)
  • Metalsmithing (I'm taking a metalsmithing class starting January 20th!  More info to come...)

As a 24 year lady who graduated from a small private university a year and a half ago, I am so very thankful that I always have work to do.  And it is all work that I enjoy!  I get so much happiness from being busy.  I am super duper tired as I write this post, thinking it is time for sleepy time.  But my heart is so happy and pounding quickly even as the rest of my body is saying "let's shut it down folks."  I'm going to bed really joyful tonight.  I have so much to do that could easily stress me out.  But I am choosing to say to myself, look at you go girl.  I am thankful.  Thankful to those who employ me like Freckled Nest and those requesting my freelance work.  I am thankful for those who support me by buying my jewelry.  I am thankful for my family and friends who believe in me and my pursuits.  I am even thankful for all of those people who have teased me for my love of fashion and jewelry and blogging.  I get really riled up to fight to believe in myself when I feel the pressure of teasing and mockery getting me down.  So anyone making fun of me has only encouraged me say to myself, let's prove them wrong!  Though teasing can really get me down sometimes, especially from people I love and admire.  So when I get to read kind comments from you everyday, I remind myself, there's always a kind voice out there somewhere. <3

What I really want to say to you who read my blog and comment is, from the depths of my heart:  THANK YOU.  Thank you for your constant kind words of encouragement.  I'm tough and can fight against the negativity I have received in my life time, like the comments of "you'll never be able to do what you love" and much harsher words.  But my sensitive heart can't keep fighting against mean words without the incredible backing of love from you guys.  My blog is the home base for all that I do.  And you are the community that is connected to my home base.  You remind me that my pursuits and dreams are valid.  You remind me to keep having faith in myself, that I CAN get somewhere if I really work hard enough and am always doing things out of love.  You make me feel valued and appreciated.  You are friends.  And you are one of the major reasons why I do what I do.  Thank you for your support in the past year.  You have helped me grow so much, and you have helped me reach so many goals already since I graduated college.  You have helped me find my voice outside of academia.  You give me confidence in my voice, in my passions.

Thank you friends and readers.  Thank you for your constant stream of inspiration.  You keep me busy, thriving, and needing a stack of planners and notebooks to keep track of my busy and joy filled life. :)


Annis said...

i love your notebooks! I just gave some to a friend, one for her 'guerilla art ideas' and one for her 'wow i just woke up with a great idea' ideas :-)
But yours look much more organised

Laura Belle said...

You're adorable and you deserve it! Go get it lady. :)

San said...

Love your note books! It must be so easy to keep track of your inspirations with them! :)

Chrissy said...

You go girl! Success is awesome! 2011 will be the best year yet!

Liz said...

Love you and your little moleskines :) You are the bomb.

Anonymous said...

you are freakin' awesome, moorea -- happy friday!

Amy T Schubert said...

you're my favorite! :) xo

kelly ann said...

ok, so. this totally made cry. i resonated with SO much of what you said. even down to the part where you graduated from a small, private university. (me, too) i have some really supportive people in my life, but i can't even count the number of times i've been told that i'll never make it. OR the number of times i've been teased about being a part of the blogging world and having a love for blog design. i'm pretty tough and can handle a lot - i know those comments, and the people who said them, were brought into my life for a reason... but it still hurts sometimes. however, i am SO grateful for such an amazing blogging community of unique, beautiful, rad individuals who lift each other up and support one another. it's like we get each other on a level other people just... don't. and that's something special. i love that we're all dreamers and have so much we want to offer the world. it inspires me every single day to see people doing what they love and having the time of their life, even through hard times. it encourages me so, so much. these incredible people have changed my life in ways i could have never imagined. i'm so grateful, it's such a blessing.

thanks for being one of those people, moorea. <3

Chelsea said...

those are the cutest notebooks and such a great idea! I'll be a copycat...hehe.
Love your designs my dear:)
XO Chelsea

Rachel said...

love those notebooks! and this post was the sweetest :)

congrats on your big gig!! how awesome!

Rylie Renee said...

Cute blog! I love all of the notebooks! :)
Rylie from www.rylierenee.com

Heaven said...

Beautiful and heartfelt Moorea, I love it. I feel happy for your success, you're one of us, SPAC allumni, and WORKING! Amazing :)

Becca said...

of course we love you!
how could we not?
talented, sweet and a fighter!

keep up the good work!

maybe*mej said...

thank you for all those ideas. You are just soooo creative. =) I love those notebooks. Thank´s for the inspiration

Lynn said...

a girl after my own heart. love the organization here and with such a cute twist. i usually open up some kind of CMS or excel but i like this much better. it definitely looks friendlier too! HUGE congrats on the features and what sounds like such a stellar job. i can't believe you get mocked for this obviously passion filled pursuit. that smarts! happy though that you've stuck to your guns and triumphed over it all. cheers to destiny and cups full of joy! ♥