Upon Request... Gypsy Crowns now in the shop!

Well congrats to you lovely ladies who were sad about my gypsy crowns selling out immediately.  I managed to track down the last stock of the incredible vintage chain that I used in the first 2 pieces and I swooped in and bought it all!

There are now 6 gypsy crowns in my shop.  So hurry over and grab yours before someone else does because you've got some stiff competition! :)

Ps, Chelsea from SeaBlanket was one of the two amazing ladies who
quickly snagged one of my gypsy crowns when I thought I could only get supplies for 2.  
Check this girl out.  Isn't she SO cute?


Renee B. said...

These are beautiful!!!!!! Love.

Live an ArtLife said...

Very sexy!

zelina said...


abi Porter said...

new to your store and your blog.. i love everything. perhaps we'll have to have a meetup sometime in the future.. i'm just a couple hours south.

Chickything said...