What I Wore : Black

What I Wore
Sometimes you just have to go dark, or at least mostly dark with some pops of color.  It is freezing cold here in Seattle.  So I wear lots of layers.  For some reason, wearing lots of black makes me think that I am warmer.  Or maybe the black actually does soak up the heat of the sun and keeps me cozy while I'm out in the cold.  Conclusion:  it could be fact or fiction, but wearing mostly black makes me feel warmer. :)

Coat:  Urban Outfitters
Turtle Neck:  Nordstrom
Green Silk Top:  Forever 21
Black Jeans:  H&M
Heels:  Forever 21
Rings & Necklaces:  gifts from my dad and a cute old lady :)
Purse:  from Morocco, a gift from my littlest sister


Michelle said...

Ahhh you are so pretty! And that purse is fantastic! I have a necklace somewhere that a friend brought me from Morocco, you've inspired me to find & wear it soon! :)

Sarah said...

such beautiful photos! :) i love the green top and the coat! my wardrobe is filled with heaps of black, and true enough, black is warmer, and it makes one look slimmer as well! haha, think that's the main reasons why most of my clothes are black!

and happy new year. :)x

Liz said...

This is gorgeous, I love this one!

Lily Nichols said...

I gotta say I love this post! Your pictures are lovely.

my best friend jules said...

That purse is amazing!!!!!