The Cold Mess

I thought I'd give you a little peek into the chaos that is my desk this week.  I am working away on 5 big wholesale and consignment orders plus blog designs plus a bajillion other things at the moment.  And next week I start on a big illustration project for the phone company HTC!  Snap!  I gotta get my ish done!
Notice the 3 lamps on my table.  Those are there because I work in my garage with no natural light and it is super duper dark.  What can you do... There's not enough space in my apartment for a studio, so garage it is!  Also, it is 54 degrees Fahrenheit in there with a space heater going at my feet and a portable radiator going at my side!  I usually wear a thick sweatshirt and my warmest jacket, plus a thick wooly hat and these super duper soft boot/slippers that I got at Urban Outfitters.  They are SO warm and look like this, but in grey:
The good news is that we are slowly turning our garage into a shared artist's studio space that should hold 4 different sections for 4 different artists including me :)  First step, paint those walls white until we can insulate them!  I need a little light in there!  To keep myself going, I've been listening to a lot of "No Diggity" radio on Pandora.  It gives me the best stream of 90s hip hop and r&b, oh man.  Brings me back to the days of playing barbies with friends in middle school and totally not understanding the lyrics to the popular radio songs of the day.  Good god, I am so glad I never realized how filthy most of the songs I used to listen to as a kid really are! 


Mizdragonfly said...

Just do like I do - tell yourself it's a 'productive chaos' ;)

Keep warm, and best of luck with all your projects!


Liz said...

Oh man. You don't even want to see my workspace right now. But I totally feel you on the bajillion projects all at once.
And lol @ the filthy 90's rap and r&b! I think you will appreciate this; http://dancingalonetopony.tumblr.com/

You're welcome.

Megan V said...

Oh my goodness - and I thought that MY studio was cold!! I have a little space heater blowing on me right now...but I'm sure that it's not 54 degrees in here!!! Maybe more like 65. I prefer 75! :D
Maybe it will get warmer when there are others working alongside you...ya know...more body heat, maybe??
I really need to put some No Diggity pandora on! We normally put it on "Salt N Peppa" radio which is also pretty great. I remember my mom not allowing me to listen to "Skillz" (is it spelled with a z??) because it was too dirty and I was offended because I didn't even understand how she could think I wasn't mature enough to hear a song (5th grade). Then, I listened to the lyrics when I was older and was horrified by how gross they were.... so awesome.

Ian Gill said...

You call that a mess? This is a mess, http://www.flickr.com/photos/iangill/5434834453/

LA @ FN said...

you love lamp.

Sarah said...

Love to see people's workspaces!!!

Man, 90s hits were smuttyyy. Sometimes I'll go back and listen to a song and I am genuinely shocked, haha. Young me had no idea what they were referring to!

Alyssa said...

I'm happy for you that you are so busy, that is a good thing :) & HTC? Sweeeet!

elycia said...

haha, i just posted the no diggity video on my blog the other day. i used to love that song...still do actually. but yeah, good thing we were so clueless as kids and didn't notice the dirtiness.
and what a cold work space!! brrrrrr!

*Trisha* said...

Messy work spaces are the best! They produce the best things, I think (:

I liked seeing your space.

Happy Valentine's Day weekend!


Andrea said...

My desk looks almost the same, the thing is, the mess is on my drawing table and my desk and is awful.
On the other hand, I was noticing your macbook has those kind of cracks on the borders, I though I'd let you know, my macbook white was just like that and I took it to a "mac geek house", and they changed that and the keyboard for free (and that is amazing because I live in Guatemala and the warrantie was already expired), it had something to do with it being defective from the factory or something like that. Just though you should give it a try, maybe they still work on that!
Ok, I'm not making this any longer, happy valentine's day!

molly said...

i found your shop on etsy (cute!) and made my way over to your blog!
my studio is exactly the same! garage, freezing, messy. ha!