Giveaway 4: Sarah Jane Ink, 30 Custom Calligraphy Envelopes

  Sarah of Sarah Jane Ink is doing a giveaway of up to 30 hand drawn calligraphy envelopes!

I am a full-time wife and mama; my daylight hours are spent as a high school English teacher; and after dark, I am a blogger and contemporary calligraphist. My goal as a writer  is to capture and share the joy in my life -- from recipes to my favorite scarves. My goal as a calligraphist is to make all envelopes sing with delight.

Her Giveaway:
To Enter:
leave a comment in this post letting me know what your favorite color is!
remember to include your email address with your comment so I can let you know if you've won! 

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25FLONDON said...
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Cara Jess Mason said...

My favourite colour AND stone is turquoise!
cara.jess@gmail.com / www.midkid.ca

Mia Helen said...

My favorite color is light aqua! This is such a unique and wonderful giveaway!!! :)


nova said...

My all-time favorite color is fluorescent red, like the crayola crayon BUT I have to say that turquoise is slowly edging its way into the spotlight.

novaisawesome at gmail dot com

Ari said...

Purple and blue :)


Lilac Saloon said...

lilac!!!! of course :) xoxo
lilacsaloon at gmail.com

Katie said...

My favorite color is green :)


Ali said...

I love orange! :)

SavedthruLove said...

My favorite color is PINK. And I am quite fond of CALLIGRAPHY!! ♥


Susanne said...

i really really like white!


Susan McCurry said...

favorite color is a toss up...olive green or creamy orange! :)


Anonymous said...

my favorite color is bright sunny yellow!


Lucy Kitsch said...
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Lucy Kitsch said...

What a grand thing to do! I wish I were better at calligraphy. My hubs adores it, but my cursive is just no good!
I would love to be entered for a chance to win, please!
My favourite colour is warm mustard yellow. :)
Thanks, ladies!!
My e-mail is lucykitsch@live.com! (I forgot to include it, I got so excited, haha)

Frau S said...

Yay I love calligraphy! My favorite color is also light aqua/turquoise. You know, the Martha color. :)

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Oh, this is SO EFFING COOL. My favorite color is kelly green. :)

Meagan said...

My favourite colour is navy blue! Cool giveaway!

Marisa said...

My favorite color (although I know it's really a shade and not a color) is gray!


Stephanie C. said...

I'm a pink gal all the way!

Sarah said...

These days I am loving rich purples and, of course, I always like pure and simple white. Winning this would be so perfect for my upcoming wedding and now you've got me thinking more about wedding colours!

nynga said...

My favorite color is burgundy/red.

lexacd said...

My favorite color.. what a hard question! I went through this with my little preschoolers on Friday! I love red... and purple is amazing too .. and teal/turqoise .. and different shades of green ..

alexandra_digiorgio at comcast dot net

Alexia said...

These would be so perfect for my summer bridal shower thank-you letters! I would love to win this!

My favorite color is peach. :)

Alexia said...

Oh, crap. Forgot my email address: alexia.brown at gmail dot com.


Annamarie said...

Turquoise! Yay for super-mamas!

Elyndis said...

My favorite color is and has always been purple. It's the color of royalty!


KT Barnes said...

fave color is grey!


Michelle Clement said...

Oh, lovely! My favorite color is yellow. :) My fingers are crossed!!

-Michelle Clement

kristine said...

What a unique giveaway!

My favorite colours are aubergine and dark grey.
I can't choose from between them (: