Happy Valentines Day!

Aren't these paper flowers so pretty?  My boyfriend made them for me last year and they have been a permanent fixture on my office wall ever since :)  He and I just celebrated our 1 year anniversary last week too!  It was my first ever one year anniversary with any boyfriend ever due to the fact that I have dated lots of boys who have only lasted a few months, or have been on and off because we really weren't well matched for each other.
I'm really well matched with this boy :)  Before we started dating over a year ago, I had only had 1 boyfriend for an extremely short stint of like 2 1/2 months in 3 years.  So I was basically single for 3 years before Max.  The first year of no dating was self imposed.  I wanted to be sure that I was really strong in myself on my own for me and no one else after having gone through a weird relationship the year previous.  The next year of being single I blame on God for deciding that I needed more time alone.  And the year after that, I'm not sure who to blame, but it mostly sucked, haha.  I'm an independent lady, but you know, it's nice to feel loved!  But all I know is that 3 years of single-dom, crushing on lame boys with no outcomes, led me finally to a really ridiculously wonderful person.  I hated that stupid "Oh, when you least expect it, a good guy will come along" phrase.  I think after maybe a year and a half I was already "least expecting it" but I still had to wait another year and a half.  So that line is offically overused and lame.  That is the lamest way to console a lonely person ever.
But to any of you single ladies who are feelin' gloomy on this Valentines Day I say, dudes, I understand.  No joke, I have only had one boyfriend, my current boyfriend, on a Valentines Day.  So that's 22 years worth of being single on Valentines Day.  92% of my Valentines Days have been spent alone.  But really, when you have a boyfriend on Valentines Day, don't you kind of wish on that day that you were extra sweet and kind to each other everyday, beyond just the everyday niceness?  I know I really love this man because I am excited to do anything kind or nice for him everyday, yet I feel no pressure from him to do so.  We are thankful for each other and tell each other that.  I feel lucky everyday, not just Valentines Day.  And I'm not trying to brag.  But a good and healthy love is just so refreshing after dating dudes who haven't been well matched for me or who didn't want to invest in me.
Ladies, don't settle for a shitty boyfriend.  If you feel like you have dated dudes who suck 364 days out of the year but manage to get Valentines Day right, they are not worth it!  You should date someone who 364 days of the year makes you feel lucky to know them, lucky to love them, happy to be with them, and they need to make it known that you are incredibly valuable and precious to them all of those 364 days.  And on Valentines Day, your love for each other should be equal to all of those other days, equally true, equally passionate, equally sincere.
You are deserving of a good man.  And if it means years of waiting for that good person to show up, then so be it.  It totally sucks, believe me, I know.  I love love, I love being in love.  But it sucks feeling like you have wasted love on the wrong people.  You can learn from every relationship, for sure.  But my sensitive heart would rather preserve itself for those rare good men than crack and be glued back together a bajillion times because of dating lame dudes.  I hope that on this Valentines Day, single and not so single ladies AND gents can all recognize their value, trusting that they are worth someone who will treat them to an abundance of love everyday that most only reserve for Valentines Day.

Fill up your heart with love today, knowing to the deepest parts of you that you are meant to be valued, you are meant to be respected everyday, you are meant to be treated with kindness and love.  And the best way to remind yourself of your own value is to give that love you seek and that you deserve to your friends and family.  Even the coldest and toughest of shells has a soft heart deep down in there somewhere.  And I'm wishin' for that heart of yours to be extra warm today, and every other day of the year.  Girls and Boys, Ladies and Gentlemen, you are lovely and you are of value.  I love you.  Love your neighbors, And remember to love yourself just as much as well <3
Happy Valentines Day

Ps.  For Valentines Day gifts, My bf and I are buying each other tickets to see a live recording/show of Radio Lab in Seattle at the end of next month!  Wahoo!  Nerd love!


Anonymous said...

How on earth are you getting tickets to Radio Lab?!? I want to go!

Sarah said...

Aw, beautiful words, Moorea. This is my first Valentine's being single in a couple years so I needed to hear that.

And a Happy Valentine's Day to you! <3

Christopher Seal said...

Happiest of Valentine's Days, Moorea. <3 U - Dad

Lana said...

Happy Valentine's! Nerd love is the best!

Amy said...

Whaaa?! So so so jealous of your radio lab love!!! My husband and I are COMPLETE radio lab junkies. So nerdy and so delicious. Have so much fun! I hope to hear all about it!

San said...

This is so sweet, Moorea. I am usually not a fan of the commercialized Valentine's Day, but I am all about spreading love to all kinds of people.

Have a wonderful day!

Rosie [a rosie outlook] said...

What a lovely, lovely post.
I totally hear you on finding the right person after a lot of short relationships. I had so many relationships where I 'settled' for a few months, or chased people who weren't right for me and now I have someone who treats me like a queen and who I want to be lovely to just because.
And your paper flowers are gorgeous.

Michelle Clement said...

Aaw - those paper flowers are the *cutest*! :) He sounds like a keeper!