The New Freckled Nest team!

I am so excited to tell you that our team has expanded!  We now have 5 new designers and 2 new formatters on our staff!  It is pretty incredible that we have jumped from a team of 3 designers and 2 formatters to 8 designers and 4 formatters!  What an incredible leap!  I am so proud of Freckled Nest, and I feel so lucky to be one of the first two designers hired by Leigh Ann.

Our company has now expanded so that Leigh Ann and Kyla are co-owners, business partners, and leaders of the pack!  I can't even tell you how much joy has been brought into my life in the past couple of months because of these two wonderful women.  And I know that our new designers will feel the same way after just a few days and months of working for Freckled Nest.  I am so excited to get to know each one of our designers on a more personal level.  Kelly Ann and I have been friendsies for a month or two now and I just love her.  She has been such a caring and loving friend in the short time that I have known her and she is most definitely one of my newest and dearest blog friends.  I have admired Mandi and Jill for quite sometime now, for their beautiful blog's styling and content, their heart and spirits, and for their fabulous indie biz skills!  I came to discover Elizabeth and Zoe's blogs/portfolios through finding out that they were going to be new members to the Freckled Nest team.  Once I checked out their sites I just melted because I loved their styles and personalities so much!  Zoe has such an amazing design and illustration sense.  And I was surprised to realize that Elizabeth lives just 45 minutes away from me and we have some friend connections through one of my oldest friends from college!  Small world :)

Get to know each of the members of our design team:

Leigh Ann - founder and owner - senior designer
  her blog: Freckled Nest
Mandi - senior designer
  her blog:  Here's Lookin at Me Kid
Kyla - project manager and owner - intermediate designer
  her blog:  Kyla Roma
Moorea (thats me :) - intermediate designer
  my blog:  Moorea Seal
Kelly Ann - intermediate designer
  her blog:  The Flowerchild Dwelling
Elizabeth - intermediate designer
  her blog:  Delightfully Tacky
Jill - intermediate designer
  her blog:  Lune Vintage
Zoe - print and commission designer
  her blog:  Pretty Zoo

Our formatters are pretty amazing.  Joe and Michelle have been with the Freckled Nest Design team for quite a while now and I have worked with both of them on blog design projects.  They are the wonderful people that do all of that important technical behind the scene work on our clients' blogs, taking our designer's design work and making it live on the web!  Corey Marie and Dan have just recently joined the team and I am so excited to work with them on some new projects.  Their technical knowledge of coding is incredible and with their support, I am able to create the perfect blogs for each of my lovely clients :)

Get the scoop on our design packages by checking out our new Package Information PDF & get to know our designers a little better by downloading our new  Designer Information PDF!

I am currently booked till the end of April with lots of wonderful new clients and exciting blog designs to work on.  So my waitlist is closed and I am not taking any new clients at this time.  But the exciting news is that you now have so many more designers to choose from or to be paired up with!  Leigh Ann and Kyla have a great knack for figuring out which designer would blend with your personal style the very best.

"Our new designers will be taking on clients starting in mid-February, and we’re starting a whole new division of the company (Print & Commission Work) that will soon have it’s own etsy store. Our team is divided into senior and intermediate designers, and all have been trained in our signature style- but they all have their own design passions and personalities so no matter who you are there’s a FN Girl who will be your perfect match!" -Kyla

Click away and get to know our Freckled Nest Design team better!
We are so excited to get to know you too :)


Anonymous said...

i read the fantastic news this morning -- i can't wait to see all the beautiful sites you guys make. :D congrats and indeed: happy friday!

kelly ann said...

YAY! so full of joy right now. we. are. awesome.

lovelovelove to you, dear friend <3

Anonymous said...

hehe, I feel like a proud mama :) I'm so excited!!!

Diana said...

Wow! Really, really admire the group of women grouped in this post, including you! <3

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you guys! LA says such nice things about you and you've got killer graphical style, so.. you go girl! :D


Austin Eavesdropper said...

EEEEK, yay!! I am very quickly becoming a Freckled Nest stalker / fangirl. Seriously...it's getting a little out of control.

Anyway, what a brilliant company concept. Kudos to your whole team for making it the staggering success it is!