Sponsor Moorea-Seal.com in March!

It's time to open up sponsorship space for March!  I have 2 sized sponsor spots available currently, 120x150 px and 120x75 px.  I love hosting sponsorship for fellow bloggers, business owners, brands, and friends :)  It is my joy to get to promote you and your blog/business on my blog!  Contact me at mooreaseal{at}gmail.com if you would like to grab a spot.  There are only 5 days left to grab a spot and the space goes fast!  So email me as soon as you can.  To get more info about sponsorship opportunities on my blog, visit my sponsor info section.

CONTACT:  email mooreaseal{at}gmail.com or simply click here!
be sure to include your full name, blog address, shop address, and a little about yourself :)

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