Blog Bling: Fashion Photo Frames by Pugly Pixel

My sweet friend Katrina from Pugly Pixel recently used one of my "What I Wore" photos to demonstrate how to use her new Fashion Photo Frames inspired by Anthropology Mailings.  I am obsessed with everything Katrina creates.  Her aesthetic is so beautiful and her style is so distinct.  She really understands how to balance texture and detail with clean lines and a perfect amount of white space.  If you visit 10 of any blogs in the crafting world, I bet that at least one of those blogs will be using some of Katrina's digital goodies like tape strips or scalloped ribbons.  She creates tons and tons of awesome downloadable and free to use digital goodies like tape strips, photo borders, and other bling for your blog and crafting.  Plus she gives lots of tutorials on how to use photoshop to create digital goodness like dotted lines, text filled with a real life pattern, your own stationery textures and more on her other blog Powered By Pastries:  blog tips & tutorials.
I mentioned that Pugly Pixel was one of my top 10 blogs of 2010, and as 2011 putters along, Pugly Pixel is still at the top of the list :)  So head over to Katrina blog Pugly Pixel to download this awesome kit of 10 digital frames.  And be sure to check out her secondary blog, Powered by Pastries for a boat load of awesome tips and tutorials on how to up your design game :)


Ruzu said...

Looks very pretty :D I like it

Mizdragonfly said...

Oh I like it, I'll have to check it out!


Anonymous said...

i'm touched (and in tears). you've totally made my month, ms. moorea seal. THANK YOU!

Moorea Seal said...

aw Katrina, you are so cute. my most favorite katrina i know <3
xo moorea