Giant Giveaway Day! 14 different giveaways to enter!

How to enter:
to sign up for any giveaway, simply visit it's related shop and leave a comment saying which item in their shop is your favorite. You can sign up for as many giveaways as you want!

Example Comment Entry:
"Giveaway #1: love her Herkimer Diamond Ring, Giveaway #5: love the mixed pattern washi tape, Giveaway #9: the chain mail cube is awesome" (this person would be signing up for these specific giveaways.)














(to enter this giveaway #14, visit her Tell It's Story page
and just leave a comment below saying "Giveaway #14:  love it!")

See anything you like?  There are so many goodies!  
So just leave your comments below to be entered in your favorite giveaways!
This giveaway ends March 31st.


Anonymous said...

Giveaway #8: I love the headbands, giveaway #10: I love the turquoise necklace, giveaway #11: I love the fabric jewelry.

Thank you, these are all awesome!

Annis said...

Giveaway #1: love the purple fire agate earrings, giveaway # 2: love the rubberstamp set3, giveaway #5: looooooooove the brown paper merch bag!

Rhianne said...

giveaway #1: love the faceted pyrite necklace but the diamond ring is lovely too.

giveaway #5: Love all the tape especially the mixed pattern one.

giveaway #6: Love this shop and blog! my favourite is the 'you've got to be kind to yourself' print.

giveaway #9: love the ebony and rosewood rings, beautiful!

giveaway #11: so pretty, I love the erica brooch.

giveaway #13: cute shop, love the cameras and the spring floral scarf.

Amaxing giveaways!!

Hello, I'm Vicki said...

giveaway #1: love her 2 Million Year Old Horse Tooth and Pyrite
giveaway #4: i love her small birdcage necklace
giveaway #5: i love her sweet stands
giveaway #7: i love her leopard pin up swimsuit
giveaway #13: i love her german spice jars
giveaway #14: love it

Miss Rachel B said...

yay! I love giant giveaways :D

Katie said...

Couldn't resist joining myself:

#1: Herkimer Diamond Ring
#5: The stickers are adorable!
#13: The Shot Glasses

Birgit said...

#1 love the Faceted Pyrite Cluster Earrings
#2 love the Roses and Doilies Tote
#4 love the Airplane with Globe necklace
#8 love the Heartstring Ruffles Headband
#9 love the Rosewodd Ring no1
#11 love the Belle Necklace

danaan at gmx dot at

P.S.: Unsure whether all giveaways are international, but if so please count me in!

jackiek said...

this is amazing!
#1 love the Peruvian cocktail ring
#9 the dream window necklace is great
# 10 has no listings... but i'm sure her shop would be amazing as that necklace is!
#11 love the Megan ring
and # 13 that grey vintage leather purse is gorgeous

jes said...

giveaway #1 i love the peruvian pyrite cocktail ring.( and i love her story too. it reminded me of me in earth science class this semester.

giveaway#5 yeah i thinks its safe to say i love everything in that shop!

giveaway #9 i love his wood rings i always wanted one.

giveaway # 10 yeah her shop was closed.....bummer
my email is indie.darling@yahoo.com

Marta said...

Hi! These are my favourite items

Giveaway #1: the Faceted Pyrite Necklace with Vintage Elements and Herkimer Diamond Ring
Giveaway # 2: the Russian dolls in pink pouch
Giveaway #4: Framed Sea Shell Necklace
Giveaway #5: "q" grey classiky masking tape
Giveaway #10: The shop doesn’t show items, but the necklace is beautiful!
Giveaway #11: the Andrea necklace

Thank you!
martaplayita at gmail dot com

Inge said...

Oh my, I would just really love a wooden ring from giveaway #9. They are beautiful and I especially love the Rosewood Ring No. 5.

lindsay said...

Giveaway #1- The Herkimer Diamond Ring is so amazing!
Giveaway #3- The pale pink victorian blouse
Giveaway #8- The peach blossoms ruffle headband is right up my alley, so perfect for spring!
Giveaway #9- His "dream window" necklaces are so whimsical
Giveaway #11- All of her stuff is so feminine, I'm a sucker for pink. Maybe the Abigail earrings or the Gwen ring.
Giveaway #13- German spice jars!
Giveaway #14- Love It!

♥ Nadine ♥ said...

What the... Can't believe it! This is great!! :)

#2: I adore the Library Tote Full Bloom
#4: I love the airplane necklace.
#8: I'm so sad the Sky Ruffle Headband is sold out!
#11: Oh my, the Christi necklace! It's love!
#13: Those vintage golden brown Women leather boots - lovely!!


Manda Jane said...

Giveaway 13- I love her vintage framed bird, cross stitch, - I follow her blog and couldn't resist entering to win! Thanks!

katie ann fitzpatrick said...

#1 2 Million Year Old Horse Tooth and Pyrite is so great!
#13 love the tiny schnaps steins!

Callie said...

Giveaway #1- The pyrite necklace is GORGEOUS! Also love the faceted pyrite cluster earrings. Yum.
Giveaway #2- Hippos on black- I MUST have it! And LOVE Babushka pouch, too!
Giveaway #3- The Royal Purple pencil skirt is amazing, and SO versatile! I’d go for that.
Giveaway #4- The birdcage necklace is precious. I think I need it. Now.
Giveaway #5- The green apple twine is making my mouth water. DROOL.
Giveaway #6- The One Day at a Time print is definitely my fave.
Giveaway #7- I’m in love with the purple ruffled swimsuit pictured here- gorgeous!
Giveaway #8- Ooh, I want the This Love Ruffle Headband- I’d wear it all the time!!
Giveaway #9- Wow, beautiful work! I love the Three Lens Pendant necklace!!
Giveaway #10- I can’t see her shop, but judging by the necklace pictured, she makes beautiful jewelry!
Giveaway #11- The crystal teardrop earrings are stunning.
Giveaway #12- Can’t see her shop either, but my niece would look pretty presh in those booties!
Giveaway #13- I’ve been looking for a pouch just like this one!! Also love the brown leather clutch!
Giveaway #14- love it!

Vanessa said...

Giveaway #1: I love, love the Herkimer diamond ring. It looks so expensive and earthy at the same time.

Giveaway #5: The clear boxes would be great for my homemade baking gifts I give to loved ones.

Giveaway #7: Love the Navy Bronze Twig Print Dress. It's got a great print, and the silhouette looks uber flattering.

Giveaway #9: I adore the three lense pendant as well as the Mexican 20 cent bracelet. In fact, I love all the pieces in this shop!

Giveaway #11: Addy, Madison, and MAdeline - they've all stolen my heart :o)

M said...

#4: Brass heart lock and key necklace
#8 Oh Dear clip/laple
#10 Shop not currently there - gorgeous necklace though
#11 The Jenna Brooch
#13 Springtime in the 60's knit tank

So spoilt! :D

Little Tree Vintage said...

1-I love the diamond ring right in the front page
2-i love the pin cushions! they look like little pillows!
3-I love he peach mod dress
4- the brass camera necklace
5-the colorful masking tape is awesome
6-the crocheted doilie
7-map print bowling bag
8-ruffle headband
9-looking glass necklace
11-wedding collection necklaces
13-red clutch

awesome giveaway!!

Anonymous said...

#4:Golden Camera neckless
#5:Polka dot tape
#6:One Step- postcard print
#8:Pastures Green Ruffle Headband
#11:Rebecca necklace
#13:Revue Range Finder 700EL 35mm
#14: Love it!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Giveaway #1: Love her Pyrite cube necklace on vintage brass rods. Her stuff, in general, is beautiful!

Giveaway #2: The Bambi Deer Briefcase Tote is adorable!

Giveaway #6: I like all of her little prints, especially the Do Not Rush matte print.

Giveaway #7: LOVE LOVE LOVE the Leopard Pin Up Swim Suit - and it's in my size!

Giveaway #8: I really like her Woodpile Ruffle Headband. Just lovely indeed!

Giveaway #9: I'm obsessed with the Ian Gill looking glass necklace I already own & would LOVE a ring to go with. :)

Giveaway #10: I can't tell you what I like of hers because her shop isn't yet open! But that necklace she's giving away is a divine color.

Giveaway #11: Love sop much of her stuff - especially the Evie necklace with its little fabric "yo-yos."

Giveaway #13: I adorrrre the Beige 80s clutch purse listed first in her store. But it's a tie with the Grey Vintage Leather Purse.

Kathleen said...

Giveaway #2- hippos on white pouch
Giveaway #4- brass camera necklace
Giveaway #5- mixed pattern masking tape washi tape
Giveaway #8- butterfly mcqueen ruffle headband
Giveaway #11- Laura Earrings

katerracina at gmail dot com

♥ Carrie Shan said...

Giveaway #11: I love the Hope and Evie necklaces...beautiful!! Very detailed.


a day with kate said...

oh my, so much goodness!

#1 peruvian pyrite cocktail ring = goooorgeous.
#5 love the washi tape + heart stickers
#13 the german hand-painted keyhook is amazing!


Sarah said...

So many great sponsors, Moorea!

Giveaway #1: Pyrite and Vintage Brass Orb Earrings are freaking gorgeous!

Giveaway #4: The Globe Necklace is precious. :)

Giveaway #5: ANY OF THE TAPES!!!! More specifically, the indigo and red sharkskin washi tape!

Giveaway #9: The Purpleheart Wood Ring calls to me. ♥

Giveaway #14: Looks like it will be a fun ebook!

Ali said...

Giveaway #1: Cactus Quarta Necklace

Giveaway #3 Royal Purple Pencil Skirt

Giveaway #5 Everything! All of the wash tapes and the cloth bags!

Giveaway #6 I wrote you a letter stickers

Giveaway #7 Navy Twig Tunic

Giveaway #8 Peach Blossom Ruffle headband

Giveaway #9 3 lens pendant necklace

Giveaway #11 Hope necklace

Giveaway #12 mary jane booties

fun fun fun!

Becky said...

Holy cow, Moorea! These are AMAZING.

Giveaway #1: I love the Pyrite necklace that's in the giveaway the most!
Giveaway #2: I absolutely love the fabric choices available! My favorites are the leisurely cats and the colorful houses.
Giveaway #5: I'd love to have those paper straws!
Giveaway #7: The rainbow pinup suit is so cute! Though I'm pretty tiny, so I'd worry it wouldn't fit!
Giveaway #9: Fabulous and would look awesome next to one of your amethyst rings! My favorite is the Rosewood no. 4 style.
Giveaway #11: I would love to have the yellow rosebud earrings. It's hard to find cost-effective hypoallergenic earrings!
Giveaway #13: There are so many cute things to choose from! I love the cocktail shaker, ice cube trays, and the colored glass bud vases.

Thanks so much for holding this and to your sponsors for being so generous!

squirrelgonutz [at] yahoo [dot] com

Mia Helen said...

Giveaway #1 I love her Faceted Pyrite Necklace with Vintage Elements

Giveaway #2 I love her Antique Lace Large Zipper Pouch

Giveaway #4 love her Brass Camera Necklace

Giveaway #5 I have been wanting this Border (Green/Blue) MT Washi Tape for so long!

Giveaway #6 her One Step- postcard print is too cute!

Giveaway #8 I absolutely adore the Pastures Green Ruffle Headband

Giveaway #9 I have always wanted one of these lovelies! I like the Purpleheart Wood Ring No. 8 the best!

Giveaway #11 I am so in love with her Emily Necklace!

Giveaway #13 I love her Blue denim, long shirt, 1970s, S-L

Giveaway #14 love it

Mattie @ Odelma said...

Giveaway #1: holy moly that faceted pyrite necklace is amazing.
Giveaway #5: masking tape! can't get enough.
Giveaway #6: a reminder to take it easy? yes please. i have a perfect spot for it.

x.o. Mattie

kelsey said...

This is amazing!!!

Giveaway #1: love her Faceted Pyrite Necklace with Vintage Elements

Giveaway #8: love the ruffle wrap!!! i want one even if i don't win!!!

Giveaway #11: love the evie necklace!!!

Megan said...

Giveaway #1 - I love the 2 Million Year Old Horse Tooth and Pyrite.
Giveaway #2 - Love the Red Mushrooms Zipper Pouch.
Giveaway #4 - Love the Love Birds and Nest Necklace.
Giveaway #8 - Love the Silly Girl Ruffle Headband.
Giveaway #9 - Love the Three Lens Pendant Necklace.
Giveaway #13 - Love the Beige Beaded Ball Necklace.


Megan V said...

Wow so many giveaways!!!
Giveaway #5 - Love the paper straws!
Giveaway #8 - Love the headband shown!
Giveaway #9 - Love the Ebony Wood Ring No. 9
Giveaway #12 - love those baby booties
Giveaway #13 - love the pouch shown and also the german painted hook hanger

Danielle Ryann said...

giveaway #1: purple fire agate earrings are gorgeous!
giveaway #2: asanoha zipper pouch...LOVE yellow!
giveaway #4: the globe necklace is my favorite!
giveaway #5: all the masking tape is sooo pretty!
giveaway #6: the love is the answer print is my fav!
giveaway #9: beautiful work..ebony wood ring no. 2
giveaway #10: the color of that necklace is wonderful!
giveaway #11: the emily necklace is so delicate and precious!
giveaway #13: so hard to pick, love her whole shop! the delightful red clutch is beautiful!
giveaway #14: love it!

Anonymous said...

Oooh! This is so exciting.

Giveaway #1: The Pyrite Cube Necklace is fantastic! So chic.

Giveaway #7: The Fruit Printed Dress is AMAZING. Wow. In awe. Want.

Giveaway #13: I love the Polaroid Land Camera! How pretty.

Thanks so much!


renjeroren said...

what a graet giveaway..

#1 Pyrite cube necklace on vintage brass rods
#4 globe necklace
#7 Map Print Bowling Bag 1980s
#8 Pastures Green Ruffle Headband
#9 Ebony Wood Ring No. 9
#10 I can’t see her shop
#11 Grey Vintage Leather Purse.

Anonymous said...

Giveaway #1: I love her Herkimer Diamond Ring! soo pretty!
Giveaway #5: I love her gold heart stickers! I neeeed them since thats my shop/blog name!
Giveaway #9: I like the purple heart wood ring no.8 super cool.
Giveaway #13: I just love her photography! And all her vintage scarves!


Tiffany said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tiffany said...

Yay! What an amazing bundle of giveaways!

#1 - The 2 Million Year Old Horse Tooth and Pyrite is MAGICAL!

#5 - Stripe (Peach/Grey) MT Washi Tape...so cute.

#6 - One Step- postcard print...I love the hand-drawn type!

#9 - I am stuck between the ebony rings and the rosewood. I've always wanted a wooden ring.

#11 - Jama Brooch - such great colors!

#13 - Beautiful Blue Hearts Hanky!!!

Karli said...

giveaway #13: i love anna's vintage german items! i would love to have this pouch.
giveaway #2: i love little things to carry coins for downtown parking in and guitar picks. (two things I often lose). i would pick one of the brightest colored ones.

Anonymous said...

Giveaway #4 Love the Butterfly necklace
Giveaway #11 I LOVE the Emily necklace

Michelle Porth said...

1. Love the pyrite necklace shown.
2. The vintage lace pouch and the cherry blossom pouch are so chic.
3. Love the bow-tie cat shakers!
4. The airplane necklace is so perfect!
5. The mixed pattern tape is so cute!
7. The zebra print swimsuit is really unique!
8. Love love love the butterfly mcqueen headband!
9. His dream window necklace is beautiful!
10. The handmade necklace shown is gorgeous!
11. Love the Carlie and Rebecca necklaces

Thanks for the giveaways!

Kalie Bloom said...

I'm so in love with the pyrite necklace in giveaway #1! My mom studied to become a geologist before deciding to teach elementary school and beautiful raw rocks like that always make me think of her taking me for hikes in beautiful places and teaching me about the earth :)

Em Surface said...

I really like how you did this giveaway, Moorea! So many great shops, not so good for my bank account!

Giveaway 1: Holy moley, I love that Herkimer Diamond Ring!
Giveaway 6: Kind to Yourself postcard, such a good reminder.
Giveaway 7: Love the Rainbow Pin Up Swimsuit
Giveaway 8: Peach blossom ruffle headband
Giveaway 9: Mexican 20 Centavos Chainmail Bracelet My bf would love this one!
Giveaway 11: Hope Necklace
Giveaway 13: Vintage golden brown boots. They are my size too!

(p.s. hope you're doin swell.)

Siera Josephine said...

wow i think this is the biggest giveaway i have seen yet!

giveaway1: Faceted Pyrite Necklace with Vintage Elements
giveaway2: Carnival Stripes Large Zipper Pouch (the purple one with black stripes)
giveaway4: Airplane Necklace
giveaway6: Do Not Rush- matte print
giveaway7: Rainbow Pin Up Swimsuit
giveaway9: Bocote Wood Ring No.1
giveaway10: loooove that necklace!
giveaway13: Navy blue Sailor vintage skirt


Sincerely Rae said...

How could I resist entering?

#1 Pyrite and Vintage Brass Orb Earrings So Unique.

#2 Owl Tiny Pin Cushion. Practical AND cute.

#4 Love Birds and Nest Necklace

#5 Border (Green/Blue) MT Washi Tape

#6 Vespa-pa-pa-pa 12x12 FULL paper set. Perfect for my scrapbooking.

#7 Sea Green Disco Dress. Beautiful!

#8 Sky Ruffle Headband

#9 I'm still wanting the Purpleheart Wood Ring No. 5 since your last giveaway, it's simple & gorgeous.

#10 I love the pictured necklace, I'm sure she makes other beautiful jewelry as well

#11 The Rebecca Necklace and also the Hope piece she's giving away

#12 Mary Jane Booties in Gray. I think I could get away with putting my baby boy in them, they're so adorable

#13 Burnt Orange, 60's scarf. Want it!

#14 Love it

Thanks Moorea!

Anonymous said...

Giveaway 1: I am in LOVE with the Faceted Pyrite Necklace with Vintage Elements. Amazing.

Giveaway 5: Love the green/blue washi tape - this colour combo gets me every time.

Giveaway 11: There are so many gorgeous things; it's hard to narrow down my favourite. Love the Rebecca necklace, the Evie necklace, and the Emily necklace in particular.

Allie said...

Giveaway 1: THe Herkimer Diamond Ring is hands-down my favorite.
Giveaway 2: Love the Full Bloom library tote
Giveaway 5: Always a fan of Japanese tape!
Giveaway 6: The "You've Got to Be Kind to Yourself" is lovely
Giveaway 8: I like the April Afternoon Ruffle headband. Darling.
Giveaway 13: The strawberry serving tray would fit in my kitchen perfectly.
Giveaway 14: love it!

lll said...

Giveaway 1:
LOVE LOVE LOVE the diamond ring.

Giveaway 4:
When I saw the birdcage necklace, I drooled a little.

Giveaway 9:
Oh, definitely the looking glasses...gotta channel my inner Lewis Caroll

Giveaway 13:
I'd say the cameras are "perf."

-m stone

Amanda Dauve said...

Giveaway 1-- I heart the Magnesite Necklace.
Giveaway 2-- I heart the Two Toadstools ring. Totally cute!
Giveaway 4-- I heart the Anchor With Seashell Necklace. Oh my goodness!!
Giveaway 8--I heart the Pastures Green Ruffle Headband. I am a huge fan of Heather's work!!
Giveaway 10--It didn't show anything in her shop. Really would like to see her work because I heart the giveaway necklace.
Giveaway 11--I heart the Kate Ring. Oh my goodness she makes some WAY cute stuff!!


andrea said...

Giveaway#1 - The crystal point earrings are unREAL.
Giveaway#5 - The polkadot washi tape? kill me.
kemptlife at gmail.com

chelsea said...

giveaway #1...love the faceted pyrite necklace w/ vintage elements!
giveaway #2...love the color dots in red zipper pouch. so cute!
giveaway #5...love divine twine in oyster...how fun!
giveaway #8...i'm in LOVE with just.lovely.things!
giveaway #10...i love anything that's handmade :)
giveaway #11...love the kathryn brooch...i want one for my hair!
giveaway #12...the mary jane booties are precious
giveaway #13...love the lovely vintage german hand painted key hook

these are amazing giveaways! i hope i win, i hope i win!

Floor said...

# 2 I love the fabrics! especially the Owls Amongst Roses in Red
# 5 Polka dot Classiky Washi Masking Tape
# 11 i love the katie ring!
# 13 What a cool shop. I like the shown pouch a lot lot lot!

super nice giveaway!

Our Japanese Sushi said...

Giveaway #5 I love the heart stickers, #8 quietly sweet, #11 Hannah necklace, #12 pink booties
myhealthysushi@hotmail.com, www.myhealthysushi.com

Anonymous said...

#1 - i love it ALL! But I love her Peruvian Pyrite Cocktail Ring the most! so so pretty - i'm so in love with pyrite right now!

#5 - i have been needing some packaging supplies! I would pick up large and small cello bags!

#7 - the apple pie suit is adorable!

#9 - i love his ebony wood rings - i have been coveting them since i saw them at the renegade craft fair last year. so lovely.

#10 - there is nothing in her shop! :( the necklace you are featuring is lovely though.

#11 - i like the tiffany ring - and the long necklaces are really pretty too.

#13 - oh te paper dolls! i have a very large collection of them and always need to add to it!

#14 - love it! such a good idea.

rsmryx at gmail dot com

aliboo! said...

giveaway 1 : Pyrite cube necklace on vintage brass rods
giveaway 2 : the library tote
giveaway 3 : Red Retro Vintage Pin-up Style Swim Suit Maxine of Hollywood
giveaway 5 : small manila tags
giveaway 7 : goldie belt
giveaway 8 : french descent ruffle headband
giveaway 10 : nothing in the tenpenny shop:( but i love the necklace she is offering!
giveaway 11 : the whole wedding collection is beautiful


teacup adventure said...

WOW, what a crazy long giveaway! love it!

#5: I love everything, but the checkered masking tape is particularly perfect.
#7: that apple pie swimsuit is as cute as... pie.
#10: nothing in her shop yet, but the necklace is lovely!

Anonymous said...

Giveaway #1: Love love the Peruvian Pyrite Cocktail Ring!
Giveaway #3: Oh my, I think the Bow Tie Cats Salt and Pepper Shakers stole my heart!
Giveaway #4: The Brown Owl Circle Necklace is beautiful!
Giveaway #5: The Stripe Washi Tape is so cute!
Giveaway #6: Love love love the You're Nicked paper collection! Yum.
Giveaway #7: Oh, the Apple Pie Vintage Swim Suit is adorable!
Giveaway #8: The Ruffle Wrap is super cute!
Giveaway #9: I am in shock. The Bocote Wood Ring is just beyond gorgeous!
Giveaway #10: Not sure how to enter this giveaway, but the necklace shown in beautiful.
Giveaway #11: The Megan Ring. Oh my goodness. Beautiful.
Giveaway #13: What a beautiful shop! Loving the apple green vintage pumps!

(Hehe, I really hope I didn't get any giveaway numbers mixed up!)

Mary said...

Giveaway #1 I love the Crystal Point Earrings
Giveaway #2 The City Cat Tiny Pin Cushion is really too cute for words!
Giveaway #3 I REALLY like the Bow Tie Cats Salt and Pepper Shakers
Giveaway #4 I would have to choose the Brown Owl Circle Necklace as my favorite
Giveaway #6 I love her I wrote you a letter Sticker set.
Giveaway #7 The Navy Bronze Twig Print Dress is darling.
Giveaway #8 French Descent Ruffle Headband
Giveaway #11 I love the Sheena Brooch!
Giveaway #13 My favorite item would be the Blue denim, long shirt


lmack said...

Giveaway # 5: I would love to package cupcakes in the Large Kraft Boxes! Giveaway #12: My niece would look adorable in the Orange Mary Jane Booties :)

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Amy said...

#1: the Peruvian Pyrite Cocktail Ring. AMAZING!
#4: brass monkey necklace
#13: that deer wall decor is to die for!


Deyanira said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deyanira said...

Giveaway 02: the antique lace pouches are lovely!

Giveaway 09: love the ebony and purpleheart rings!

Giveaway 10: love the necklace!

Nathaly said...

giveaway 11: Love the maquelle earrings
giveaway 13: Love the light yellow mini skirt
giveaway 02: Love the mary poppins pig tote

The Craft-Arty Kid said...

Giveaway 1: Love the 2 Million Year Old Horse Tooth and Pyrite necklace. So pretty
Giveaway 2: I love all of the buttons! So cute!
Giveaway 4: The Love Birds and Nest Necklace is adorable
Giveaway 5: The Mixed pattern MT washi tape is my favourite
Giveaway 8: I love the Butterfly McQueen Ruffle Headband
Giveaway 11: Love the Emily necklace

Great bunch of giveaway!

Alex said...

Great shops and great giveaway!
#1: LOVE the faceted pyrite necklace.
#5: Love all of the different tapes.
#7: Love the navy bronze twig print dress. Too bad its not my size.
#10: Her store is down right now but the necklace in the picture is great.
#11: Love the Anna and Andrea necklaces.
#12: Love all the booties, adorable.
#13: Love the childrens leder hosen.

Anonymous said...

I like...
#1 Magnesite Necklace
#2 Asanoha zipper pouch and Hippos on White Zipper Pouch
#4 Black Rose Necklace and Brassheart with Lock and Key necklace
#11 Rebecca Necklace and Gwen Ring
Cute Stuff!!

Anonymous said...

Andy Franks loves the vintage swimsuits.

mathilda Dunn said...

Oh, wow. So much pretty!
1. Love teh Peruvian Pyrite Coctail Ring
2. Carnival Stripe Large Zipper Pouch
4 Anchor and seashell necklace
9 Ebony and rosewood rings
10 No shop...but LOVE that necklace!
11 Gwen Ring...so cute!

Hannah Ruth said...

Giveaway #1 : I like the pyrite cube necklace!
Giveaway #13 : the vintage polaroid camera is adorable!

taryn said...

giveaway 1 - i really do love that herkimer diamond ring! and i also really like the cactus quarts necklace :)
giveaway 2 - i love all pouches! i love the vintage floral print and i think the folk dancers are pretty sweet.
giveaway 4 - the asperand bracelet is cute!
giveaway 7 - i really really really love the rainbow pin up swimsuit.

giveaway 9 - i think everything about that guy and his shop are cool.
giveaway 13 - i love the style of vintage clothes that she offers! lots of color and patterns :)

daer0n said...

Giveaway #1: Love the 2 Million Year Old Horse Tooth and Pyrite!

Giveaway#2: Plaid in Purple and Teal Zipper Pouch

Giveaway#3: The Apricot and Lemon Ascot Dress 60s Vintage is gorgeous!

Giveaway#4: I like the Love Birds and Nest Necklace, so cute!

Giveaway#8: Quietly Sweet Ruffle Headband

Giveaway#9 The Mexican 20 Centavos Chainmail Bracelet is awesome!

Giveaway#10: Love the necklace for the giveaway (she is out on vacation).

Giveaway#11: Love the Carley necklace, so pretty!

Giveaway#14: love it!

Thank you for the awesome giveaways!

Nury77 at live dot ca

Monet said...

Giveaway #4. Bird Charm Bracelet
#5 Sweet stands, stickers
#6 one step at a time postcard
#8 french descent ruffle headband
#13 grey vintage leather purse

Monet Tombides - monetishappy@hotmail.com

such cute little giveaways!

konner said...

Giveaway #1. I really love the faceted pyrite necklace the best. MAN her minerals are cool.
Giveaway #7. The map print bowling bag!
Giveaway #9. The coiled rolled sterling ring.

laurakonner at gmail dot com!

Desiree said...

givaway1: Faceted Pyrite Cluster Earrings, giveaway 4: Key With Crown Necklace
giveaway 5: Lemon Divine Twine
giveaway 6: Kind to Yourself postcard print
giveaway 8:Pastures Green Ruffle Headband
giveaway 11: Megan Ring
giveaway 14: I love it!

Katrina said...

giveaway 1- love the magnesite necklace!
giveaway 2- love the cherry blossoms zipper pouch!
giveaway 3- love the vintage green floral print flowy skirt!
giveaway 4- love the small camera necklace!
giveaway 7- love the sky blue city traveler bag!
giveaway 13- love the revue range finder 700EL 35mm
giveaway 14- love it!

katrina, xo

AuksÄ— said...

#1 Faceted Pyrite Necklace with Vintage Elements
#2 Little Hana and Folk Dancers in tan zipper puches
#5 Masking tapes & stickers
#8 Peach Blossom Ruffle Headband
#9 Ebony Wood Ring No. 5
#10 couldn't reach the shop but the shown necklase is pretty !
#11 Jama brooch
#13 loved the shown item

thank you !

Allyson said...

The swim suit! Those rings! The turquoise necklace! I'm in giveaway heaven!


Anonymous said...

giveaway #1: rough peruvian pyrite earrings
giveaway #2: asanoha zipper pouch
giveaway #4: small birdcage necklace
giveaway #6: love is the answer print
giveaway #9: bocote wood ring
giveaway #11: bridgette earrings
giveaway #13: vintage golden brown leather boots
giveaway #14: love it!


Anonymous said...

Giveaway #1: I ADORE that Faceted Pyrite Necklace!!! I need it in my life.
Giveaway #5: I need some divine twine in my life, but would pretty much use anything in her shop :)
Giveaway #9: Ebony Wooden Ring, please. I've seen these rings before and I would LOVE one (or two).

Ciera said...

Giveaway #5: whoa! I want it all but especial love the STRIPE (GREY/GREEN) MT WASHI TAPE;
Giveaway #8: I love the Ruffle Headbands;
Giveaway #14: love it!

Kel said...

Giveaway #1-I love the diamond ring right in the front page
Giveaway #2-i love the pin cushions! they look like little pillows!
Giveaway #3-I love he peach mod dress
Giveaway #4- the brass camera necklace
Giveaway #5-the colorful masking tape is awesome
Giveaway #6-the crocheted doilie
Giveaway #7-map print bowling bag
Giveaway #8-ruffle headband
Giveaway #9-looking glass necklace
Giveaway #11-wedding collection necklaces
Giveaway #13-red clutch

Out on a limb said...

Giveaway #2 I love the Vintage Wallpaper and the Green Plaid Notebook.
Giveaway #4 I like the camerai necklace
Giveaway #5 I can't pick! I love all the cute rolls of tape and stickers!
Giveaway #6 I love the "i wrote you a letter" stickers
Giveaway #7 I love the sea-green vintage dress
Giveaway #8 I like the French decent ruffle headband
Giveaway #11 I like the pearl necklase in the wedding catagory
Giveaway #12 I love the Mary Jane Slippers!

Thank you to everyone for participating!



Connie said...

#1: That Herkimer Diamond Ring is amazing!
#2: Love the antique lace zipper bag and the squirrel pin cushion.
#3: The black tuxedo dress rocks!
#4: The lucky number 7 necklace is so cute.
#5: The paper straws from urban scarlet are so fun!
#6: The one step at a time postcard happens to be my fave thing in her shop!
#7: The knitting wooden handled tote bag is my fave!
#8: The french descent ruffle headband is so sweet.
#9: The three lens pendant necklace is both beautiful & useful!
#10: Love the necklace in the giveaway!
#11: Not sure of the name of it, but I love that necklace where it has what looks like little metal and bead rosebuds hanging down.
#12: The darling gray bow is so sweet!
#13: I just love those mini colored glass vases in her shop!

Anonymous said...

Giveaway #1
Giveaway #4
Giveaway #9
Giveaway #10
Giveaway #13

Everyone is so talented!

I want them all:)

-Katie Dimas

Alexa said...

1. Faceted Pyrite Necklace with Vintage Elements
2. Retro Robots
3. Royal Purple Pencil Skirt with Pleats
4. Love Birds and Nest Necklace
5. Cherry Divine Twine
6. The Order -embroidery patterns
7. Take me on a picnic patchwork vintage quilt
8. Oh Dear! (clip/lapel)
9. Three Lens Pendant Necklace
10. Nothing in the shop, but the necklace is adorable!
11. Kendra Ring
12. Darling Bow - Dark Pink
13. Spring Scarf Floral, Mustard yellow, brown, green, Vintage
14. Love it!

Absolutely amazing!


Dulce said...

Giveaway #1: love her Herkimer Diamond Ring. It stands out amongst the rest :D
Giveaway #2: what isnt there to love? I love all her floral and kawaii items. They are perfect for spring and uber romantic :D The pin cushions are so cute too! My favorite item would be the Cherry Blossoms Zipper Pouch.

Giveaway #4:I can't decide between the Crown with sword necklace, the brass heart with lock and key necklace or the brass small camera necklace. All are soo cute! :D

Giveaway #5: The Mixed Pattern MT Washi Tape is totally eye catching!
Giveaway #6:I really want the FULL SET of themed embroidery patterns! Hp ftw :D
Giveaway #7: Wow! The 1980s Confetti Dot Mini Dress W Cross Back is so beautiful and just my size!
Giveaway #8: There isnt any item up for sale right now but I have seen her headbands before and they are all lovely :D

Giveaway #10:The jade necklace is bright and colorful :D
Giveaway #11:The gwen ring, esther brooch, and andrea necklace are stunning. You can tell how much care she took in making each and every one of her designs.
Giveaway #12:I love her Darling bows in light pink and dark pink.
Giveaway #13:Her "pre-loved" items are wonderful. The leder handler oma pouch is my favorite.
Giveaway #14: love it!

Thank you so much for showing these awesome shops! :D

- Dulce

Ashley said...

Giveaway #1: the pyrite necklace is pretty! I really like the diamond ring too.
Giveaway #2: All the bags are cute.. really like the ones with the lace trim.
Giveaway #3: The Green Floral Skirt is so darn cute!!
Giveaway #4: LOVE the camera necklace. =)
Giveaway #9: I don't know which one is my favorite but I do know that I love the earthiness of them. Beautiful.
Giveaway #11: LOVE the Emily, The Madison, The Tiffany Ring! But everything is gorgeous!
Giveaway #13: The pouch reminds me of one my mom had when she was young. It's really rad!
Giveaway #14: Love it! =)

Carmel said...

Giveaway #1: Love both the pyrite necklaces in the shop!
Giveaway #9: Favorite is Looking Glass #6 necklace, and the ebony rings are pretty cool :)
Giveaway #13: Love the scarves - especially the psychadelic brown one.


Erendira said...

#1 Simple and sweet crystal earrings and horse tooth necklace are fantastic
#5 Absolutely EVERYTHING in this store needs to be part of my crafting supplies.
#8 French Descent headband
#11 Love the Carolina Earrings and Katie and Megan rings
#13 Red, comfy grandma shirt is super cute.

olive green anna said...

#1- 2 Million Year Old Horse Tooth and Pyrite
#2- Yellow Bouquet on Cream Cloth!
#3- oh my goosenest I love Vintage American Shirt Dress Green Floral M
#5-Cloth Bags are super great.
#7-Rainbow Pin Up Swimsuit
#8-Prissy Ruffle Headband
#10-Jess is super lovley. I can't wait for her shop to open.
#14-love it

what wonderful shops and giveaways

lexacd said...

Giveaway #1: Herkimer Diamond Ring

Giveaway #2: Purple Stripes Carousel Pouch

Giveaway #3: Royal Purple Pencil Skirt with Pleats

Giveaway #4: Swarovski Octopus Necklace

Giveaway #5: Kraft Paper Sheets

Giveaway #6: FULL SET of themed embroidery patterns

Giveaway #7: Take me on a picnic patchwork vintage quilt

Giveaway #8: This Love Ruffle Headband

Giveaway #9: Purpleheart Wood No. 5

Giveaway #10: Shop was closed, but I love the shown necklace!

Giveaway #11: Belle Necklace or Rose Necklace

Giveaway #12: Mary Jane Booties in Yellow

Giveaway #13: Light Yellow Mini Skirt, Size S

Giveaway #14: Love it!

Thanks for these awesome giveaways! <3

alexandra_digiorgio at comcast dot net

Meghan said...

Giveaway 1: Pyrite cube necklace on vintage brass rods is stunning.

Giveaway 2: Roses and Polka Dots Picnic tote would be great for summer!

Giveaway 5: I love the cupcake stands! We always have cupcakes in our house and this would definitely be a cute way to serve them.

Giveaway 6: I love the Kind to Yourself postcard print!

Giveaway 7: Hawaiian Print Pin Up Dress is so cute!

Giveaway 9: I've been lusting after the Purpleheart Wood Ring No. 7 Size 7 for awhile.

Giveaway 10: The shop is closed but I love the necklace!

Giveaway 13: Grey Vintage Leather Purse is adorable.

Mandy said...

Giveaway #1 – I love the Faceted Pyrite Cluster Earrings – so cute and unique!

Giveaway #2 – I love the Mail Day Zipper Pouch – I have a wallet along the same lines that I’m in love with, and this would be the perfect complement! (the wallet is pictured here: http://hello-dear-wind.blogspot.com/2011/02/first-class.html)

Giveaway #9 – I’ve never had a wood ring and am now fairly obsessed with the idea! I think my favorite is the Bocote Wood Ring – I love how the colors blend for almost a striped effect! I also love the Rosewood Ring – the deep color is really pretty.

Giveaway #10 – I love the vivid blue/green of the necklace listed in the giveaway – the fan shape is really special.

Giveaway #11 – I’m in love with the Lucy Necklace – I’m already imagining all of the outfits I could wear it with! :)

Thank you so much for having so many exciting giveaways to enter!

Sarah said...

Ok. Here goes ;
Giveaway #1 the herkimer diamond ring is gorgeous!
Giveaway #2 the asanoha zipper pouch is the perfect colour
Giveaway #3 I love the rich colours of the vintage american shirt dress
Giveaway #7 the 1980's confetti dot dress is just the cutest thing
Giveaway #8 definately the silly girl ruffle headband
Giveaway #9 the rosewood ring nr. 2
Giveaway #11 I've always wanted something like the Rebecca necklace
Giveaway #13 I'm in love with the brown granny booties!

Stephanie Thigpen said...

Okay! Here we go. :)

Giveaway #1 - I love the purple fire agate earrings!
Giveaway #2 - The Asanoha Zipper Pouch is so adorable.
Giveaway #3 - The Apricot and Lemon Ascot Dress 60s Vintage dress should be in my closet.
Giveaway #4 - I think the camera necklace is my favorite, but I love the Black Rose Necklace as well!
Giveaway #5 - How cute is the POLKA DOT CLASSIKY MASKING TAPE?!
Giveaway #6 - The Kind To Yourself print should already be hanging in my daughter's room. Seriously.
Giveaway #7 - I love the Sea Green Disco Dress!
Giveaway #8 - I've been eying the peach blossom ruffle headband for quite awhile now. It will be mine one day.
Giveaway #10 - That necklace is gooorgeous!
Giveaway #11 - So happy I found this shop! I seriously love everything in it. Especially the Abigal earrings.


Nymph711 said...

Thanks for doing this!
#2 - Adorable! I have started making these and am really fasinated by them!
#4 - Love mini necklace charms!
#5 - Crafting extrodinare, love!
#7 - Ive been wanting make one of these but this is much simplier! :)
#11 - simply cute!
#13 - love leather pouches!

thanks so much all of you crafty beauties!
xoxoxo Britt

Crystal said...

Giveaway 2: I like the Cherry Blossoms zipper pouch, Giveaway 7: I like the rainbow pin up swimsuit, Giveaway #14: love it!

nova said...

Giveaway #2: I just love canvas pouches to hold stuff in...uhm I guess the solid colored ones with the contrasting zippers are my favorite.
Giveaway #5: I would love like a billion heart stickers.
Giveaway #7: The apple pie swimsuit.
Giveaway #14: love it! :)

Stephanie R. said...

Giveaway #1: Herkimer Diamond Ring OR the 2 Million Year old Horsetooth necklace (can't decide!)

Giveaway #2: The natural life in green pouch!

Giveaway #5: A Rainbow of Twine!

Giveaway #6: The one step at a time postcard print

Giveaway #8: All the headbands!

Giveaway #13: plaid skirt, teal winter, multipurpose, minidress size S-L EU 29-50, elastic waist

Giveaway #14: Love it!

Mariana said...

Giveaway #2 I looooooove the Russian Dolls in Green Zipper Pouch.

Giveaway #4 The Airplane With Globe Necklace it's amazing!!

Giveaway #13 I'm in love with the Ceramic deer and fawn.

My mail is: tontoenlacolina@gmail.com

Sarah Buck said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah Buck said...

what happens if i want the entire contents of all their shops??

she+him said...

giveaway #1 love the Faceted Pyrite Necklace by a
talented Chicagoan.

giveaway #5 Love the sharkskin tape!

Cara Jess Mason said...

Giveaway #1 I'm really in love with the Faceted Pyrite Necklace with Vintage Elements
Giveaway #2 The grey antique lace zipper pouch should really be living in my purse
Giveaway #7 Love the Navy Twig Tunic
Giveaway #8 Gray Rose Ruffle Headband!! Or the bow headband.... AH! I love them all! I can't decide!
Giveaway #9 I've been admiring the purpleheart wood ring No. 5 for awhile now.
Giveaway #10 That turquoise necklace is such a great design!
Giveaway #11 The bridgette earrings are my favourite! What a great shop!

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

Holy cow, so much fabulousness!
#1 the native Michigan ring is amazing!
# 2 The orange owl button ring is tres lovely
#3 Lovely green floral vintage skirt
#4 Love the robin book
#5 Lovely shop and idea, love the wrapping!
#8 all of the ruffled headbands are pretty!
# 9 I'll take the ebony wood ring please!
#11 the floral spring necklaces are amazing!
#12 I have a boy but would still take those black mary janes, too cute!

Lesli said...

Giveaway #1: I love the Faceted Pyrite Cluster Earrings
Giveaway #2: I love the Flowers on Yellow - 2 Ponytail Holders
Giveaway #3: I love the Vintage Green Floral Print flowy Skirt
Giveaway #4: I love the Owl on Branch Necklace
Giveaway #5: I love the AQUA DIVINE TWINE
Giveaway #6: I love the I wrote you a letter - Sticker set.
Giveaway #7: I love the Lola Neon Pin Up Swim Suit
Giveaway #8: I love the Ruffle Headbands
Giveaway #9: I love the Three Lens Pendant Necklace
Giveaway #10: Nothing to choose from but that necklace is awesome!
Giveaway #11: I love the Hannah Necklace
Giveaway #12: I love the Mary Jane Booties in Dark Pink
Giveaway #13: I love the Red Singlet, Comfy Grandma Tanktop
Giveaway #14: I love it!

Such a great giveaway! Thanks!

littleumbrella (at) att (dot) net

renee kristine said...

giveaway #4- i love the anchor necklace
giveaway #4- i love the Paririe Doll Deer Folk Dress

Zoe said...

Wow this is soo exciting! So much amazing pretty stuff!!

Giveaway #1: I loooove the pretty Magnesite Necklace
Giveaway #8 Peach Blossom Ruffle headband is SO cute!
Giveaway #9 Dream Window N0. 2 pendant
Giveaway #10 I like the necklace but the shop was closed :(
Giveaway #11 I love the Andrea Necklace!
Giveaway #13 The German paper dolls are soooo cute!


katy {of} katy loves. said...

Giveaway #1 love the faceted pyrite necklace!, Giveaway #2 I really love those zippered pouches, so sweet!, Giveaway #4- The birdcage necklace is precious, Giveaway #5 The straws are SO great!, Giveaway #6- love the "One step" postcard, Giveaway #8- The peach blossom ruffle, I hope she restocks them soon!, Giveaway #11 Oh, the Carley is gorgeous!

Wish Me Luck said...

Giveaway #13 I love the Vintage golden brown leather boots!
Giveaway #3 I love that Sunshine Daisy Vintage Brooch!
Giveaway #5 I love the cute little cupcake stands!
Giveaway #4 I love the squirrel Necklace!
Giveaway #6 Love the One step at a time postcard print!
Giveaway #8 Love the French Descent Ruffle Headband!
Giveaway #14: love it!

jeremi sara said...

giveaway #1: i love the cactus quartz necklace
giveaway #3: i love the pink secretary blouse
giveaway #4: i love the brass camera necklace
giveaway #5: heart stickers never grow old :)
giveaway #9: i love the bocote wood ring no.3
giveaway # 13: i love the beige 80s clutch purse

thank you thank you thank you!

Susanne said...

these are my fav items!

Giveaway #1 - Herkimer Diamond Ring
Giveaway #2 - Lovebirds in Paris
Giveaway #3 - Sunshine Daisy Vintage Brooch
Giveaway #4 - Black Rose Necklace
Giveaway #5 - Sweet Stands
Giveaway #6 - I wrote you a letter - Sticker set.
Giveaway #7 - Neiman Marcus Cross Body Purse/
Giveaway #8 - Silly Girl Ruffle Headband
Giveaway #9 - Purpleheart Wood Ring
Giveaway #10 - dunno :(
Giveaway #11 - Kristin bracelet/earrings
Giveaway #12 - Darling Bow - Taupe
Giveaway #13 - Blue Hearts Hanky, Scarf, Vintage
Giveaway #14: love it!


Bean said...

giveaway #2: The Tiny Pincushions are so cute (especially the mushroom one)!
giveaway #5: Sharkskin washi tape!
giveaway #9: The bocote and rosewood rings are awesome!
giveaway #13: The vintage boots are sweet.


Gabriela said...

Giveaway #1: Faceted Pyrite Necklace with Vintage Elements
Giveaway #2: Hey Button Ring
Giveaway #3: Vintage American Shirt Dress Green Floral M
Giveaway #4: Brass Owl With Hearts Bracelet
Giveaway #5: Border (Cosmo/Grey) MT Washi Tape
Giveaway #6: One Step- postcard print.
Giveaway #7: Reserved Paisley Printed Ruffle Up Cycled Strapless Dress
Giveaway #8: Butterfly McQueen Ruffle Headband
Giveaway #9: Ebony Wood Ring No. 13 Size 9
Giveaway #11: Kendra ring
Giveaway #13: Vintage Mini Vases Colored Glass set of 3

Lily Darger said...

Giveaway 1 Pyrite cube necklace on vintage brass rods
Giveaway 2 Lion King in Pink
Giveaway 3 Black Tuxedo Dress 70's vintage Small/Medium
Giveaway 4 Brass Brandy Necklace
Giveaway 5 Mixed Pattern MT Washi Tape
Giveaway 6 Love Is The Answer- postcard print
Giveaway 7 Penny Polka Tunic
Giveaway 9 I love all the wooden rings!
Giveaway 14 LOVE IT

Breaking Free From Old Ways said...

Giveaway #2 Antique Lace Large Zipper Pouch

Giveaway #4 Black Rose Necklace

Giveaway #5 twine

Giveaway #6 Okay on my own print

Giveaway #8 Heartstring ruffle headband

Giveaway #11 I love the Hope Necklace


stochastic said...

This is the most intensely generous giveaway I've ever seen in my life. WOW!

Giveaway 1: Cactus Quartz Necklace
Giveaway 2: Little Hana Medium Buttons
Giveaway 3: Pink Plaid 50s Day Dress
Giveaway 4: Brown Owl Circle Necklace
Giveaway 5: Cherry Divine Twine
Giveaway 6: I Wrote You a Letter Sticker Set
Giveaway 7: Rainbow Pin Up Swimsuit
Giveaway 8: French Descent Ruffle Headband
Giveaway 9: Ebony Wood Ring
Giveaway 10: well, the shop is empty! :)
Giveaway 11: Hope Necklace
Giveaway 12: Darling Bow in Dark Pink
Giveaway 13: Springtime in the 60s Tank
Giveaway 14: love it!

Samantha :)

mmmbrains (at) gmail (dot) com

lizzie said...

giveaway #13: absolutely adore that pouch.
giveaway #1: that necklace is just...freaking awesome.

fantastic giveaway lady.

JennaLynn said...

Giveaway #1: Purple Fire Agate earrings are amazing!
Giveaway #2: Love the roses and dollies picnic tote!
Giveaway #3: Would love to have the royal purple pencil skirt with pleats!
Giveaway #4: Anchor necklace is great!
Giveaway #5: Lemon Divine Twine is my favorite
Giveaway #6: Love the brown/orange lion braoch
OMG Giveaway #7!!! Love the paisley printed ruffle upcycled strapless dress
Giveaway #8: Adore the sweetly applique headband!
Giveaway #9: The dream window No. 2 is awesome!
Giveaway #10: The would you marry me text bowl is so sweet!
Giveaway #11: I would love to have the Nadine Necklace!!
Giveaway #12: Mary jane booties in taupe are too cute!
Giveaway #13: Love the navy blue sailor vintage skirt!!
Giveaway #14: Love it!


Madeline... said...

Giveaway #13: ummm ANY of that brown amazing leather...the pouch, clutch, cowboy boots...

Jaclyn said...

Giveaway No. 1: http://www.etsy.com/listing/69629394/herkimer-diamond-ring-with-vintage

8: It all looks like it'd be adorable, but the shop is empty!

9: OMG THIS IS AMAZING http://www.etsy.com/listing/66931293/bocote-wood-ring-no3-size-7

Ashley said...

Giveaway #5 I adore the cloth bags!

mterasaki said...

the wooden rings and the leather pouch are my favorites! :) beautiful items!

Stephanie Kapadia said...

Giveaway #1: love the Purple Fire Agate Earrings! Giveaway #2 Mail Day zipper pouch! Giveaway #5 the mini clothes pins are so cute! Giveaway #6 I love the Harry Potter themed embroidery patterns! Giveaway #8: the Morning Ruffle is so cute! Giveaway #9:The rosewood rings are lovely. Giveaway #11: Love the Lucy necklace! Giveaway #12: love the black boots! lustrousowl@gmail.com Fabulous giveaway!! --Steph

Ari said...

Giveaway #1: The Owl Tiny Pin Cushion is adorable! Giveaway #3: I would get the Red Plaid Jumper Dress. Giveaway #4: The Brass Camera Necklace is the best camera necklace I've seen. Giveaway #5: The Mini and Tiny Clothespins are deliciously cute. Giveaway #7: The Rainbow Pin Up Swimsuit is my favorite. Giveaway #8: The French Descent Ruffle Headband is a dream :) Giveaway #10: That necklace is beautiful. I couldn't access her shop. Giveaway #11: The Harriet Ring is adorable. Giveaway #13: Wow. Look at those cameras! I love them. Giveaway #14: Love it!

Ling Ling said...

Giveaway #1:I love the Herkimer Diamond Ring so lovely!
Giveaway #3:The green floral skirt is perfect with pockets!
Giveaway #5:The cupcake sweet stands would be so fun to put a cutsy cupcake on.
Giveaway #7:The rainbow pinup swimsuit is for a fun summer loving girl like me :)
Giveaway #8: The teena ruffle headband matches my wardrobe so well! hehehe
Giveaway #9:I am dying for the purplehart wood ring.
Giveaway #10: Well the shop is empty but I really like the necklace in the picture!
Giveaway #11:I just adore the hannah necklace :)
Giveaway #13:The navy blue belt is the wardrobe staple I've been missing!


Songbird said...

Moorea, I can't believe how many there are!!!! Such pretty pieces! Major fan of the leather pouch and wood rings :)

kjosephina said...

Giveaway #1:Lovin' the Native Michigan 'float' copper ring
Giveaway #2:Carnival stripes bags!
Giveaway #3:Red plaid jumper dress is fun!
Giveaway #4:Love the anchor necklace! Nautical!
Giveaway #5:Twine! Especially Lemon Divine!
Giveaway #9:Bocote wood ring #3 is my fave!
Giveaway #11:The Megan ring is fun!
Giveaway #13:Cute German cigarette box!


Anonymous said...

Giveaway #1- Cactus Quartz Necklace
Giveaway #2- 10 pack Washi Tape #3
Giveaway #4- Key with crown necklace
Giveaway #5- "M" Dot Classiky Masking Tape
Giveaway #8- Many Blossoms Ruffle Headband
Giveaway #13- Oil and vinegar Jars
Giveaway #14- Love it!


jooleedoh said...

I love:

#1: Faceted Pyrite Necklace with Vintage Elements
#3: Vintage Green Floral Print flowy Skirt
#4: Anchor Necklace
#5: Cloth Bags
#8: any ruffle headband!
#9: Bocote Wood Ring No.2
#10: the turquoise necklace is cute!
#11: Morgan Earrings
#12: Dark Pink Booties
#13: that pouch is a must have!


just made it! :)

Jihee said...

AH! Amazing giveaway overload!! :D

#1 - LOVE the necklace!
#5 - I love absolutely EVERYTHING! My fav are the masking tapes!
#6 - LOVE Kim & her blog! I love the lion broaches she makes!
#8 - I would wear the French Descent Ruffle Headband EVERYWHERE!
#10 - I love love love her blog! And that necklace is absolutely lovely.
#13 - Beautiful bag! I want it I want it!!


Miss Rachel B said...

Giveaway #1: Purple Fire Agate Earrings
Giveaway #2: I love the Hey Button Ring!
Giveaway #4: The Lovebirds and Nest Necklace!
Giveaway #5: I love the cloth bags! :)
Giveaway #7: Strapless Ruffle Purple Dot Swimsuit
Giveaway #8: Oddly, the shop is empty! But I have been a follower of Just lovely things and they have beautiful headbands.
Giveaway #11: I like the Nora Earrings :D
Giveaway #13: Polaroid Land Camera Automatic 104

Farjana Yasmin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Farjana Yasmin said...

Giveaway #11: Love the beautiful Evie Necklace.

Giveaway #13: The Vintage Mini Vases Colored Glass are so pretty :)

emaill~ sevenbluetrees@aim.com