Guest Post: Katrina from Pugly Pixel!

Hey folks, this is Katrina from Pugly Pixel. As many of you know, Moorea is recovering from the flu. In the mean time, she asked me to share a post with you. :)

As a holiday present for myself last year, I bought a Diana Mini camera. I couldn't resist it while holiday shopping. I mean, it was just sitting all lonesome on the shelf at Zinc Details on Fillmore Street in San Francisco, beckoning me to pick it up and take it home.  After a few more lunch break visits, I finally bought it and we were quite happy together.

This all changed a few weeks ago. My Diana Mini's been cranky and malfunctioning like crazy -- it doesn't rewind. The last film I tried to rewind was a mess. Plastic bits fell out of the camera when I opened it and and since the film was not rewound, my photos were exposed and lost. Anyway, these two photos were taken last month and are the only survivors of my last semi-successful shoot.

As much as I loved my Diana Mini, I'm reluctant to buy another. Instead, I'm thinking about investing in a 35mm SLR camera. Any SLR experts out there? Advice, please! :D

Have a great day, guys!

Frame in title originally from Pugly Pixel, edited to fit my blog by Me, Moorea :)


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

her pictures are the best! she is one of the first blogs i started to follow and her pictures never stop tiring me.

lovely post, ladies!!

kat said...

i'd go for rangefinders. my favorite so far is the yashica gsn. it takes sharp pictures with its 500 mm lens. sometimes it doesn't even look like a film photograph. i love it to bits!!!

Jessica said...

I wouldn't trade my vintage Minolta SRT 101 for a fancy new 35mm camera. You can get vintage SLRs for under $200 and they last forever. They are simpler to learn and less likely to break.

kristin elena. said...

i got my first big girl camera in 2004 for my intro to photo class. a canon ae-1 and it is still my fave camera i own. i think at the time it was $180. got it at a local camera shop in dallas. it's perfect. i would never buy a newer 35mm slr. the old ones just have this amazing weight to them, like you know they'll never break, no make how much you bang them around. also, i think it took me 2 years to wear down the battery, and i was a photo student, shooting constantly.

Erica said...

I am a fan of the Canon ae-1 also...or the canonet rangefinder which usually is pretty easy to find. Be forewarned, rangefinders are addictive and you might find yourself wanting a Leica.

I had a Diana fall apart on me after two rolls had been shot. Glad to hear I'm not the only one to wind one and have all the pieces fall into my lap.

Michelle Clement said...

Oh, these are beautiful photos!! And bummer that the camera died. :( Sad!!

Anonymous said...

thanks, guys. i did some research over the weekend, and i'm thinking about investing in a nikon slr, only because my lenses will be compatible with the camera body (i currently have a nikon d40, after all). but, thanks for sharing your words of wisdom -- appreciate them all. :)