Guest Post: Liz from SrslyLiz!

Hi there. I'm Liz from SRSLYLIZ & since the lovely Moorea is feeing under the weather she's asked me to hang out with you all here today. I've decided to share with you a normal feature I normally write over at my blog known as Link Bytes, which is a weekly round-up of all the nifty & inspirational posts I've encountered from the past few days. I hope you enjoy!

I recently joined the Independent Fashion Bloggers network which features awesome articles related to blogging like this one.

Check out the beautiful & hilarious design on the popular dear blank please blank site.

Thanks to Michelle, I am now utterly obsessed with the fabulous Paloma Faith. I bet now you are too, no?

Kate Spade has the cutest iPhone 4 case ever. I'm totally lusting over it!

Gala Darling {one of my favourite bloggers} shares her story on moving from New Zealand to New York City and how she did it. So inspiring!

<3 Liz

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Allie said...

yep, I am now obsessed with Paloma Faith.