Guest Post: Zoe from Pretty Zoo!

 Hi Moorea's lovely readers!! I'm Zoe and I have a little blog called Pretty Zoo, which is part travel adventures, part design geek, part pretty pictures, and all me! I'm really happy to come and play over at Moorea's fantastic blog but I wish she would feel better soon! I'm sure you're all sending her love and rainbows, and scary thoughts to her sickness to frighten it away!

I'm from New Zealand and I'm currently living in Frankfurt, Germany with my boy! We are working hard and trying to travel around Europe little by little. We left only a few boxes of books and things behind in NZ and only took a suitcase full of clothes each. I am a natural collector of cute things, but now that we are overseas and moving around I have to be careful to keep the belongings to a minimum! I thought I would share a little bit about my plan that compromises collecting cute souvenirs with travel in mind.

1. Postcards (are a traveling girls best friend).

I think of these as little art prints and they are so affordable! In each city we visit I try to get a couple of postcards that show something iconic about the city. I try and pick pretty ones that look like art, but I do have some tacky ones just for fun :) I envisage a wall in my 'one-day' home where they are all displayed in little frames as an eclectic group. It will be like a visual map of the places we went. The best thing? They are flat and weigh like 0grams! My suitcase will probably be lined with postcards by the time I settle somewhere! How fun will it be to go through them all?!

2. Souvenir Brooches.

I started collecting these as they are tiny and can be found at any souvenir store. I choose the cutest icon of the city we're visiting (sometimes 2..!) and I kinda love the tackiness of the fake gold outlines around the bright colours! They're quite nice little objects when you really look at them and I think they could look really cool pinned somewhere all together one day.

3. Random Travel Ephemera.

We have unintentionally thrown scraps of our travel adventures into a drawer. These are just random bits of everyday- train tickets, exhibition and museum tickets, beer coasters (plenty in Germany!) flight tickets, receipts……. Alone, they are pretty unremarkable, but together they form a nice little collection of travel ephemera! I'm keeping this kinda stuff, as again, it's lightweight and flat, and maybe one day I'll make a little album/book or display with them.

So that's my "how-to-travel-light-while-still-collecting-pieces-to-remember-by'' plan! So far I have a nice little collection and I do have to be careful to limit myself sometimes as these things may be small and lightweight, but they will add up! (Slightly heavy but I couldn't resist these little wooden clogs from Amsterdam!)

Thanks for having me, Moorea!! And get well please! :)


olive green anna said...

hello Zoe,

Great post idea.

I am an American living in Heidelberg, Germany. I'll check out your lovely space.

We should meet.


Silvitanova said...

Living in The Netherlands, It's so nice to see what somebady picks up when visiting us.