Kempt. for a life not so.

Andrea from Kempt is one of my oldest blog friends.  I must have virtually met her around...2 or 3 years ago?  Of all of my closest blog buddies, I think Andrea has the most similar taste as me.  I fall in love with any beautiful thing she posts about on her blog or pins on pinterest.  But what really drew me to her blog in the first place was her incredible mind and style of writing.  She is a deep thinker and beautiful story teller and balances her depth of character with an adventurous playful spirit.  I just love her.  And I am so excited to introduce you to her today!

Hello to Moorea's lovely readers... My name is Andrea, and I am a 27 year old lady living on the East Coast of Canada. I live in an old converted brick warehouse that is perfect for filling with live music, big dinner parties, friends, family and laughter. I live a pretty charmed life here with my partner Jared, a jazz musician, a full pantry and more than 10 cameras!
We moved to this coast two summers ago, transplanting ourselves from a city of over a million people and my job working as a stylist and writer for a paper to a town of 4000 permanent residents and 4000 students, where I now work as a bartender at a crazy Irish pub that holds within it a book full of characters just waiting to be written!

1. When did you start your blog?
I started blogging somewhere else in June of 2004! It was an extremely insular project for me, and wasn't really that community minded at all. It was a visual/verbal online journal that served more as a way for me to remember the places and stages I was traveling through and the experiences I was having while growing up, without having to actually physically carry a journal. Eventually, as my family moved farther and farther away from each other and I in turn from them and friends, it evolved as a way to keep in touch with them as they and I made our way all over the world and through our lives. As I've grown as a writer and a blogger, I feel like my idea of blogging has completly inverted itself and become a manner in which to have a conversation as opposed to solely a journal, to create contacts as opposed to just maintain them, and to be part of a larger community of people sharing experiences and ideas.

3. What do you love posting about?
Food is so wrapped in my memories and my history that little else evokes the same sentiments when I write, photograph or post. I love to cook and bake, and about a year ago began sharing that on my blog. Standing in my kitchen with recipes from my mother, her mother, my friends and family in front of me is a way that I keep in touch with people in a less literal way, and a way that I keep their memories fresh in my mind. I believe that sharing recipes and stories is an important way of connecting with people, and blogging about it is just an added dimension.

4. If you had all the time and money to do whatever you want, what would you do?
I would go to school for the rest of my life, to be interrupted only by large jaunts of travel! But in honestly.. truly.. I would go to school. I would collect degrees and classes and books and lectures and studies until my house was stuffed full and my biography was subtitled "A Life in Marginalia". The smell of books, chalk and freshly sharpened pencils is the smell of romance for me, and my heart flutters every time I sit down in a desk. I fully believe that I can feel my brain changing as I read and write and learn, and I crave that feeling everyday. I love nothing more than to learn, and it's one of the larger sadnesses in my life that formal education is so expensive.

5. What is something You Always have by your side?
Lately, my Lomo-LC+A has not been much farther away than my jacket pocket!

I recently drew this portrait for Andrea's blog and I can't even tell you how much fun it was to create.  I loved the style that she wanted to go for, of course, since her Aesthetic is beautiful.  And she is so pretty, it was easy peasy to make the illustration look as lovely as her!
Be sure to check out her blog and read the beautiful stories she writes about her life and reflections.


lizzie said...

her blog is adorable...beautiful photos! i have a lomo lca+ on me at all times too, lady.

Angela said...

Oh this was an adorable interview and now I am so excited to go visit another awesome blogger! Andrea! :D

Also, that drawing is *ah-mazing*!!!

Anonymous said...

Hooray! I can verify that Andrea is even cooler more charming in person than she is on her blog. I'm so happy to see her showcased here. :)

katie said...

lovely post! and her blog is really wonderful!

Marie Bee said...

really beautiful interview- and your portrait is so gorgeous!
i'm a new follower of you both :)

Rachel said...