New Gypsy Crown: California Sunshine

Hooray!  A new gypsy crown for my shop!  My original version sold out so quickly, and it took me quite sometime to find the perfect vintage chain to create a new version.  This new golden chain is vintage, never been used, from the 60s.  I LOVE it.  I thought this would be perfect new addition to the shop for Spring.  I am constantly dreaming about the sunny skies of California, so I named this gypsy crown after my home state :)  Don't you feel the glow of a spring/summer sunshine just radiating from these photos!  I hope you dig it :)

Get your gypsy crown here.

ps, I've had a lot of sweet ladies say "you look great!" when commenting on my product photos.  But the facts are that this is not me, it is my best friend who does all my product modeling for me :)  She is a red haired, brown eyed, amazingly freckled friend and quite possibly the prettiest girl I know.  If you need to figure out who I am in my photos, note that I have brown hair, light blue/green eyes, fair skin, and two little freckles on my right cheek.  I'd give you more fun facts about my friend who models for me but she likes to keep her life offline ...other than doing modeling work for me :) She's my beautiful bestie!


joana said...

You look so pretty!!!!!

Liz said...

So beautiful.