Treasure Hunt

It has been really fun lately seeing all the places that my jewelry has been popping up!  The lovely Lune shop, owned and run by Jill from LuneVintage.com, is now carrying my jewelry!  Jill just bought a retro jewelry display case to hold Love Lune original jewelry, vintage jewelry, and my jewelry too!  I totally dig it.

Miss Cara from Midkid recently bought one of my gold quartz crystal cluster rings from the Lune Vintage shop.  It goes so well with her magical mermaid hair.  :)

The local Red Velvet shop is now carrying my jewelry too!  I love the backdrop that Elsie created.  Chevron shaped pastel and metallic tissue paper fringe.  Amazing.  I'm totally going to have to recreate that in my bedroom when I redecorate. 

Mallory from Minimal recently purchased one of my large circle cut amethyst rings from the Red Velvet local shop.  I really dig her aesthetic and appreciation for minimalist design.  And I think one nice big bauble looks fabulous on a lady with minimalist taste.  It pops!

Last but not least, Lauren from Active for Fashion purchased a pretty gypsy crown from my shop and sent me a picture of her wearing it.  It looks like she snapped the photo at work and I love that she managed to style the crown to suit a work outfit!  Go girl.  Pretty headpieces are for play AND work!
Lauren also interviewed me a week ago about my career, my loves, and advice that I have for other indie business ladies.  Check it out here!
The lovely Hilda Mae shop used my 6 triangle body harness in some of their photo shoots recently.
I think it turned out great! 


Cara Jess Mason said...

Not gonna lie...I shrieked when I saw this.
It totally made me day.
Thanks Moorea!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

woohoo!! there is def something so special about seeing people wear your products.

speaking of products, i've been eyeing (ahem, stalking) your shop for awhile now so i'm sure you'll be getting an order for me uber soon. ;)

olive green anna said...

That is really fun! Great work getting your designs out there.

It must be so lovely to see them all over.


Lune - Jill said...

we're so happy to have you - you're getting soooooo much attention - it's great for the shop. I've heard people telling their friends, you should see the jewelry they have there!!!

danny brito said...

eep! so many lovelies wearing your jewelry, super duper happy for you <3