$25 Value Ad Space Giveaway Winner... s!

Well technically, the lovely Miss Kate from the blog A Day With Kate and the shop Kate's Papergoods is the winner of the free medium sized ad space on my blog for May, which I'm really pumped about because I am currently redesigning her blog!  And... she went to college with me but now lives in California.  Kate was the first person to post a comment saying the correct answer to the question: "Which of my sponsors this month is my sister and which of them is my boyfriend."  She was correct in guessing that Alexandra from Meticulous Markings is my sister and Max from Caffeine Dreams is my boyfriend!

But... Holly from Holly Knitlightly also guessed the right answers and posted a few separate posts slowly figuring out who was who, finally commenting just a few seconds after Kate with the correct combined answer that Meticulous Markings is my sister and Caffeine Dreams is my boyfriend.  So, because it was kind of neck and neck between Holly and Kate, I've decided to give Holly a Medium sized Ad for May as well as Kate :)  And it is really funny to me that Holly, like Kate, also was one of my blog design clients!  Holly's blog was one of the first blog designs I ever created.  Cute :)  Congrats ladies!


Bonita Rose said...

Congrats to these two lucky girls! hugs xo

a day with kate said...

yayyy! haha- i was quite surprised to see my face on your blog this morning. thanks girl!

Holly Knitlightly said...

Wooooo awesome!! :) Thanks so much for also having me on your blog! So excited to be part of it!