Lily Donaldson by Mutant Jukebox 

This is possibly one of the most beautiful things I have seen in quite some time.  I just saw it on Joy's blog Of Strange Sensibilities and Holy McMoley I love it.  Had had had to repost it.  Joy also has some really awesome other short films in her latest posts that you should really check out on her blog. 


Jello said...

wow... really, i'm stumped. this is absolutely amazing! thanks for sharing!

Ruzu said...

Very interesting and pretty!!! I love the hair

Megan V said...

That is really beautiful! So eeeeerie! I don't know how they achieved so much movement in her hair (fans? twisting her head fast to flip her hair? both? magic?) but it's amazing how still/neutral she kept her face, right?!

Mekjm said...

Gorgeous. Nice find.