Paint Your Love, Week 4: Love Others, Love Yourself

I received the most wonderful email from one of my readers after one of my Paint Your love posts a few weeks ago.  And she is allowing me to share a little of her story with you.  I think you will find her very inspirational :)
Her name is Farjana and she is 16 years old.  Now, take a moment to think back to when you were 16.  I know that some of you reading this are 16, but there are also a lot of you who are in your twenties, thirties, fourties and up.  Just think back to who you were are 16.  At 16,  I was extremely depressed.  I was finally making friends at school but my heart was heavy and very lonely.  I needed encouragement but I didn't know how to reach out to anyone and I didn't have any mentors.  I didn't have many women that I looked up to and I just felt lost and alone.  Don't you wish you could bring encouragement and love to your 16 year old self?  How about love and encouragement to this lovely 16 year old Farjana?
Like any 16 year old, Farjana is facing all of the crappy stuff you have to go through in high school, the doom of taking the SATs looming over her head, the woes of people telling her she can't go anywhere in life if she pursues Art in college.  Farjana, I say ignore all those people getting you down.  You CAN pursue your dreams.  You know why?  Because you are such a strong and loving person at such a young age.  A person who is able to take time to give to others on their own free will at the age of 16 is someone I really want to see go far in life!  You have a drive to do what you love, and you have a kindness in you that recognizes injustices.  You have a powerful strength in you that causes you to take action and show others love when they need it!  To those of you reading, don't you want to hear specifically why I think this girl is amazing?  Well let's read her story in her own words: 

"I love doing nail art, and from now on I'll always think of your post about a deeper meaning behind painted nails.  Whenever my brother's friend's sister who is 4 years old comes over she always asks me to paint her nails.  Even though she's only 4 years old I feel like I have some things in common with her.  Unfortunately her mother suffers from depression and doesn't always spend time with her, but she has her dad and grandma who takes care of her.  My mother and I don't get a long very well but it's really different for her because she's so young.  One day she told me that her mom doesn't like her.  It broke my heart because she's so young and I was surprised that she said something like that.  Despite all that she's such a sweet and funny kid, and I hope she stays that way as she grows up.  This is a picture of her nails and I put two of my rings on her."

How extremely sweet was it of Farjana to recognize the heartache in this little 4 year old girl, take the time to sit with her and talk with her, and then paint her nails to remind her that she is special and lovely, she IS loved and taken care of even if her mom isn't doing too well at it.  This to me is a 16 year old girl who has the heart and wisdom of a woman far beyond her age.  And I think we can all learn from her in that, taking a little bit of time to give to others is a really good thing.  Can we all collectively say, "Farjana, you are wonderful?"  Leave a comment in this post giving her a little encouragement and praise.  I think she deserves it :)

Now here's what I'd like you to focus on this week for Paint Your Love.  I know that for many women, it is much easier for them to love others than for them to love themselves.  For most of my life it is was much easier for me to give praise and love to others than to myself.  So ladies, I understand this little phenomenon that seems to happen in many of our lives.  But DON'T be ashamed of it.  Don't get down on yourself for having a hard time loving yourself sometimes.  Wanting to love others and show them love is wonderful!  Sure, it is much easier for some of us to love others than love ourselves.  But as a step towards learning to appreciate and love yourself more, why don't you acknowledge that you are capable of giving SO MUCH love and inspiration to others through the little things that you do, like how Farjana painted the nails of this little 4 year old.  The love that you give makes you an AWESOME person.  You know that a beautiful smile from a stranger can make your day a little brighter.  You know that someone telling you something special about you can be surprising and kind.  You know that you appreciate someone who runs after you when they see that you have dropped your keys.  Other people reaching out to you is humbling and heart warming.  So if you even reach out to others a teensy eensy bit, you DO have something to be proud of.  Every kind action is a powerful one, and an action to be proud of.

The action of painting someone else's nails is pretty simple.  But through it, that person, little or big, feels taken care of, paid attention to, listened to, protected, valued, appreciated, and LOVED.  We sometimes forget that little actions can sometimes have the greatest impact.  You can never fully know the workings of another persons heart, so your little bit of kindness could be impacting them in a greater way than you could ever have imagined.  I bet that when this little girl, who Farjana sometimes paints her nails for, grows up and reflects back on her childhood, she will remember the hurt she felt from her mom who she didn't feel loved by.  BUT, she will also remember this kind 16 year old who took time to invest in her and show her she is beautiful, inside and out.  That little investment made by Farjana will move mountains.  That love will be locked into the little girl's memory bank forever.  And though you may not realize the power of your own love, you have probably done this for someone in your lifetime as well.  Be proud of that!

This week, think about how you have helped or loved or given to someone else, or how you plan to love someone else.  And in your reflection, instill in yourself that YOU are a source of goodness and love.  Be proud of your ability to do something nice!  If you left a kind comment on someones blog today, be proud of yourself!  You are spreading love!  If you are a momma who said something sweet to your kids today or picked them up from school or worked hard so you can pay the bills, be proud of yourself!  If you simply have that desire inside of you to want to do something nice for someone, be proud of yourself!  Your thoughts and your actions are valued.  And you never know how great of an impact you have made on someone :)

Paint your nails this week in remembrance that your beautiful hands are method for delivering love to others (and to yourself too :).  Find strength in them and choose to do something kind for someone this week, whether it is picking up the phone to call your grandma, picking up some trash off the sidewalk, painting a picture for a friend, or painting the nails of someone who needs a little extra love.  Remember your thought to give, your effort to give, your actions, and the love in your heart make you an special person.  Give love this week and take pride in what you have done.  You are a valuable person to the world.  The world needs love, and the world needs you :)

When you give love, you help a person gain confidence and love in themselves, like this AWESOME little girl.  I bet her parents are stellar.  Don't you want to help turn the world into a collective of confident and kind people like Farjana and this little girl Sadie?  Be proud of yourself, you are doing it!

If you painted your nails or someone else's nails this week, send me a photo at mooreaseal{at}gmail.com and I will add it to our ever growing collage!  And check out the page I have created for the Paint Your Love project here so you can reflect back on what I have talked about before. Love you <3


Miss Allie said...

I just wanted to let you know that your posts really inspire me. I've been going through some rough times lately and even though I know I'm not alone in it, I often feel like it. Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration to us all.

Sunshine Monica said...

I love your posts. I love how much passion and thought you put into your writing - it is really appreciated. I am fairly new to your blog, but had to read like that last 10 posts as soon as I found you. haha! So glad I did. Keep doing your thing girl because you are connecting and inspring all of us ladies out here.

Now off to go paint some nails...


Maman Bidule said...

You are a beautiful person, the words you used, the fact that you saw the beauty in what that young 16yrs is doing, infact is beautiful, because alot of time youn people are pushed aside. You have deeply touch me tonight, altgough usually a positive person, i was feeling low. But this gave me that push and strenght to say hey!
Also your so right about painting nails and takibg time for someone, i did esthetics for 7yrs and i use to get all the time, hoq can you do that touh other peoples feet or really thats so...well like i wasnt good enough! But it was the most gratifying time of my life. Being a 19yrs girl having a grown womans hand in mybhands and tears coming down her face and opening to me about a personal natter. It was simply beautiful! I would nevet let anyone walked out with no colour, because i would say you deserve to have beautiful colours and feel beautidul! Like painting my husbands grand ma's fingers when she was in the hospital before she passed...she would say on no not bi colour on this old hands" she had suffered from horrible arthitis" but i new her favorite colour was red, sonif one thing was going to make her happy, it would be to look down to her fabulous red nails and hopefully take the pain away and make her happy.
You have made ne so wonderful and so grateful i want to share all my stories, because they remind me how blessed i am!
I wish you lots of happiness sucess in everything you do!
I think your swell!!


Angie said...

Farjana, that was so sweet of you! My wife has depression, however she also has so much love for me, our pets and our family. I know one day she'll be an amazing mother. So depression or otherwise, I cannot believe anyone could not like their daughter. Especially one as young as that. :( But from what I read, you made that little girl feel very special and how great a gift is that?

When I was 16, I was happily engaged to my now wife Jen. I was home-schooled, so I wasn't stressed about tests, etc. For me, when I was 16 (and younger and older) I was the one giving advice to people my age, people younger than me and people older than me. I was the one sticking up for people who couldn't stick up for themselves.

When I was 16, I knew I loved Jen, despite people telling me I was too young to know what love is (something I do not believe in whatsoever. You can never be too young to recognize love!) I knew I'd marry her. And I did and I love her as much and so much more than I did than!

I knew my art would become better, I knew I'd work from home. Everyone told me my art was good, but no one but Jen had faith in me to work at home. Well last year and early this year, I did work from home and now I'm on my way to being a work at home artist.

People think teenagers have easy lives. But there is always someone, usually older, telling you you can't or won't follow your dream. You can't know what love is, or where you'll go in life. Well I did and I still do. And I'm very proud of myself for that.

As always, Moorea, beautiful post! :D Your blog is such a beautiful inspiration.

Nnenna said...

What an amazing amazing story- thank you so much for sharing it with us! I wish there were more 16 year olds like Farjana!

Mdmslle. said...

@ Farjana: What can I say Moorea didn't already? I wish I was more than you when I was 16. I think you have a strong basis to build on and out of that 16 year old girl your are now will become a beautiful and shiny woman one day who lives her dreams! Keep on being yourself, you're wonderful!

konner said...

Farjana - you really couldn't pay me to relive my high school days. They were ROUGH. The worst part was probably the overwhelming self doubt coupled with the adults around me insisting that the decisions I'd make at 16 would haunt me for the rest of my life. In hindsight, I should have told those adults to kindly stfu. Pursue art if you want to, and if your only justification for doing so is that it will make you happy, I promise you that's enough.

You sound like an amazing role model for that little girl. I wish I could give you and her some hugs.

live2create said...

Thank you for including that little video! It is so beautiful to see someone so young be so positive and encouraging and full of love - it almost brought me to tears :)

Libby said...

Farjana, you are fabulous. So wonderful, and go pursue art! You & Moorea are simply amazing, and my role models.

Rachel @ A Cupcake for Moose said...

What a beautiful and inspiring post. Farjana, you are amazing and full of kindness. You will go far in this world with a love like you have. Moorea, thanks for sharing Farjana's story and your encouragement. I can't wait to paint my nails now. :)
P.S. I went to art school and love my life. Follow your dreams Farjana! God put them there for a reason. :)

Megan V said...

Farjana! You are amazing! You are beyond your 16 years! That precious 4 year old girl looks up to you so much. You are perfect in her eyes - isn't that amazing?! Guess what...you can totally do what you want in life. I went to college for Fashion which a lot of people didn't take seriously. But then I got a job after college with a really big brand name company! Things happen when you try hard and believe in yourself and we all believe in you :) xoxoxo love from Iowa... Megan

p.s. Mooreaaaaa this was another amazing post! And that video of the little girl???? Oh my goshhhhhhhhhhh!

Monet said...

I never painted my nails coz I thought I had ugly stumpy fingers, and I always bit my nails.... I have since painted them pretty and stopped biting and they look nice :)