Thank You For Pursuing Love

I can't even tell you how amazed I was to see SO many women commenting on my last post, and not just little comments, full on stories about women's personal stories about their life, their hardships, struggles, dreams of overcoming that which haunts them and ways in which they have grown through their own traumatic experiences.  I was completely blown away by the amount of emails I received from women who wanted to share their stories with me.  And I tried to answer all of them wholeheartedly, unable to do so without a fair amount of tears along the way.  I cried along with you when you told me of the ways you have been hurt and tormented in your life, and I cried tears of rejoicing when you told me that my post brought you a moment of comfort, a moment of knowing YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  I cried tears of happiness and felt more fulfilled and alive than I have felt in so long when you told me you had made a promise to yourself, and little baby steps towards loving yourself.  Beyond anything in the universe, my greatest happiness is knowing I can help anyone work towards a love of self, and a love of others.  I am so proud of you.

To my blog readers, you are astounding.  It is incredible when people have the strength to let others know about their personal hurts and life long pains.  I can't even tell you how much I admire you all.  Thank you to all of you who left a comment, sent an email, or just contemplated what I wrote about.  Thank you for not just reading, but connecting on a deeper level, allowing yourself to really soak in my story and connect it to yours.  When I wrote that post, my hope was that I could at least speak to a few people out there who feel silenced in their pain, freeing them of that feeling that they are alone.  You are not alone, so obviously by the amount of responses I have gotten to my last post.  You are a mighty community of strong people, willing to be vulnerable even though it is scary, willing to seek healing and hope though it is intimidating and may not feel natural or allowed at first.  You are not alone.  You are not alone in your history, in your present day pains, in your worries and struggles.  And you are not alone in the moments where you feel like you have finally found a glimmer of hope, a little string you can hold on to to keep going.  We are a community, together in scariest and darkest times AND in the times of purest, lightest rejoicing.  I am here for you and I love being able to love you.

I think, many many years ago as a high schooler, I started a blog because I felt like I had no voice and I just needed somewhere to feel safe to express myself.  Today, I am a much healthier and happier person than I was in high school and, though I still have struggles as every human does, I feel really lead to remind you, my friends, that my blog is a safe space to find hope and comradery.  I always want to build you up.  I'm not here to put on a show or only show my best face.  Though my businesses are all online, I care even more deeply and passionately about making sure I am showing you a truthful love than I care about presenting a perfect face of my business.  I am not super human, I am not a faultless person, but I am strong and I am honest.  And I am proud of it all.  I want you to know that you are always allowed to send me an email if you are feeling lost, down, alone, self critical, anything.  I am not a trained professional counselor.  I am not a doctor.  I cannot heal you.  But I can give you encouragement that I KNOW you have it in YOU to  help yourself, love yourself, take care of yourself.  You are much stronger than you realize.

To those of you who have painted your nails this week to remind yourself to be confident in yourself expression, to remind yourself that you are worthy of love, to remind yourself that you deserve to pursue loving yourself, I am so happy for you.  For those of you who have simply thought about it or created your own form of ritual to remind yourself to love, I am just as proud of you too.

Thank you all of you lovely ladies who have sent me photos of your freshly painted nails.  Look at how beautiful you all look together.  See?  You are not alone.  You all have hurts, but you are all in this together, remembering daily that you deserve to invest in yourself and value yourself highly simply by looking at those little glimmers of color on your nails.  I am so proud of you.

If you have painted your nails as a reminder to love yourself, send me a photo and I will add it to the collection.  And if you have thought of some other ways to give yourself a daily reminder to pursue loving you, let me know!  You can never have too many reminders to love :)
<3 I love you.  Moorea

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The Procrastination Princess aka Katie said...

Thank you so much Moorea! I love how the blogosphere can make me feel more connected and closer to a community than ever, even though some of my closest friends are all over the world, and I may never meet in person. I am proudly displaying your widget on my blog. Will send through my nail polish pic very soon :)
~ Katie

Angie said...

You rock, Moorea! And you really seem like a person who someone can open up to, share their feelings with and not be judged. You have a very peaceful, welcoming, strong aura about you and it's awesome. It's also in your words, all the words that you type.

I hope you have a beautiful day. ☺ And be sure I will participate in Paint Your Love!

simple things said...

I'm feeling the love Moorea!

I don't usually use nail polish because I am really sensitive to chemicals. But I went out and found a natural brand of nail polish last week after seeing your post and painted my toes tonight. Red! They are looking pretty fabulous and I am thinking about you (and me!) when I look at them. Yay!

pangaloon said...

sweet tears x

Joy said...

Ahh I have been neglecting my nails for the moment. Must go repaint now! I love all the different color combos shown.

Chelseabird said...

You are a true inspiration Moorea! Thank you for speaking up when others haven't!

I hope today is a wonderful day for you! XO

meredith said...

Ok Moorea...I just spent an hour or so reading through these posts and crying my eyes out. I've got my nail polish ready and I am psyching myself up to share my strangely similar story on my own blog. Opening up isn't something that I do, but I can't think of a better way (or time) to start doing so. Thanks so much for the inspiration. I will let you know when the blog post is up!

You are seriously awesome. :-) Thanks again!

brittni said...

I wanted to write you an email last week but I didn't get the chance because I was insanely busy at work. I'm linking that post in my weekly links for all my blog readers that don't already follow you to find.

As a teacher (long term sub, for now.. boo on the poor economy) I see these things every day. They haunt me in my sleep at night and I spend my free time wondering how others (children.. 9 years old..) can hurt each other so often. I talk to my students and encourage them to do nice things (random acts of kindness) for one another, we discuss bullying, how it makes people feel, etc. No matter how hard I work I feel like I'm up against a wall that is so large. I've shared with them my own personal struggles about being bullied in school in hopes that they would see how it can impact you, but also how you can walk away from it (sometimes) a stronger person.

Thank you for sharing your stories and encouraging others to open up and to love themselves. I was fortunate enough to have a life changing experience that broke the cycle for me, but I know that many others aren't that lucky and may never have their own Ah-ha moment.

About what you said.. I don't know you, we've never met. But I can't believe there are people in your life who tell you that you have "resting bitch face" or that you "look ugly" when you are expressing yourself. Looking at the photos of you on your blog, I don't see how you could ever be ugly, even if you were purposely trying to make an "ugly" face. You deserve so much better than that.

Thank you for being you,
With Love From Michigan

kelly ann said...

I am just so proud of you, and the love & compassion you have spread to so many people through this series. I know this has helped a LOT of individuals out there conquer fears, win battles, and see their true potential & beauty. It's been incredible to witness.

You are an amazing soul, and your blog touches so many of us. Thank you, sweet lady. <3

And ahhh!! I painted my nails this week and forgot to send you a picture. Will do ASAP ;) xo

Nicole said...

Your post on Thursday was so moving, and although I don't have really any readers on my blog, I shared my story too.
Thank you for putting yourself out there, and for inspiring so many people to think positively about themselves.

Ruzu said...

I love nailpolish!! everybody looks so pretty together :D

Diana said...

Amazing how so many women have come forward and shared one thing that can bind us- a small bottle of varnish! Love this. xx

Anonymous said...

I love this, so much.

Farjana Yasmin said...

Thank you Moorea for sharing the love and words of encouragement. I just posted on my blog about this and I'm so happy and excited to be participating in "paint your love"!


Sarah said...

Moorea, you are such an inspiration! Today I got a call about a job I interviewed for last week. I didn't get it, but they called to apologize, tell me I was basically perfect for the position (minus some experience...I'm still in grad school) and that I was next on their list. Trying so hard today to think of this as a great networking opportunity and not the lost job of my dreams. Definitely going to pain my nails tonight as a reminder that I will find my dream job soon! Thank you for these amazing posts!

Sarah said...

Haha. Not pain. Paint. Obviously. :)

Megan V said...

Oh darling amazing Moorea. Your blog has easily become one of my absolute must reads. Actually, I literally have a category in bloglovin' called "Absolute Must Reads!" with only a few very very good blogs (because I'm totally overwhelmed with all my unread blog posts, I've decided quality over quantity is key!). I have found myself so gravitated to this little online space because it's got some REAL, true, yummy substance. There are not many bloggers that share, emote, connect and respond the way you do. I wish I could know you in real life! You'd be one of those friends that I would feel totally honored to have and totally inspired when I'm with.
I totally did paint my nails after you posted the first time about the nail painting...and I meant to send a photo and plum forgot! Sheesh!! They are in need of a touch up so I will send one soon :D It is also my way of taking time to love myself, it's such a calming little ritual.
Loveeeeeeee - Megan xoxoxooxxo

militantcupcake said...

i love reading posts like this. it's so wonderful for one to discover they are not alone and to learn to love themselves.
and i adore the paint your love concept. i painted my nails today :)

Nnenna said...

Your honesty and your willingness to share your story is what draws me in and inspires me Moorea, so I thank you for that. xx

Cheray Natalie... said...

Your blog is so inspiring Moorea <3
Am loving "paint your love"
Painting my nails now x