HUGE GIVEAWAY worth almost $200!

This months large giveaway winner won't be winning just one or two prizes... One winner will receive all 6 giveaways from these talented ladies!  I know I will be super jealous of who ever wins this giant package because I really really want some of these beautiful handmade goodies!
To enter this giveaway:  leave a comment in this post telling me which item you like best in each of their shops.
To enter a second time:  tweet about this giveaway and leave a second comment in this post letting me know!
To enter a third time:  simply follow my blog and each of theirs with google friend connect, bloglovin, google reader, or whatever you choose, and leave a third comment in this post!

The winner will receive a Little Bird Embroidery, a Bohemian leaf Necklace, a Sweet Paris Necklace, Pyrite and Vintage Brass Orb Earrings, Your choice of any 8"x10" print from Bubby & Bean, and a $20 store credit to Urban Scarlet!  SO many goodies!  That is a value of almost $200!

this giveaway will be open until May 7th.


Nathaly said...

I like the #4, the pyrite earrings the best!

Annamarie said...

I LOVE the bohemian leaf necklace by violet bella, totally my style! Great giveaway!

Annamarie said...
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Annamarie said...

I'm also following you all on bloglovin :)

Anonymous said...

I really love the Patina Bird and Heart Necklace from Violet Bella. I LOVE the Herkimer Diamond Ring from Mineralogy Design!! I also really love the Why OLD Dogs Are The BEST DOGS Print from Bubby & Bean! GREAT giveaway!

Connie said...

Whiskey Shores - Love the blue polka dot dress!
Violet Bella - The arrow necklace and lemon drop earrings are darling!
The Dolls Cabinet - Love the sweet a la mode necklace is my fave. The macaroons are soo cute!
Mineralogy - The Herkimer diamond ring is completely my fave!
Bubby & Bean - The You are my very favorite person is definitely sweeter than sugar!
Urban Scarlet - Love everything! Especially the cloth, glassine, and kraft bags.

Connie said...

I'm following all you and these lovely ladies' blogs via google reader.

Connie said...

Just tweeted! @daydreamincolor

Cheray Natalie... said...

In Whiskey Shores it's the 60's tennis dress
in Violet Bella it's the little photographer necklace
in The Dolls Cabinet it's the skulls and roses necklace
in Mineralogy it's the Herkimer Diamond ring (omg! It's incredible!)
in Bubby & Bean it's the Bonjour dog art print
and in Urban Scarlet it's the paper straws (i've been looking for those everywhere!)
Thanks so much
Cheray x

Che said...

1. Whiskey Shores - I love the chain leather sandals~ (also, I LOVE the store name haha)
2. Violet Bella - The sweet Spring Butterfly necklace. (sooo many beautiful things!)
3. Dolls Cabinet - The purple skulls rock
4. Mineralogy - Herkimer Diamond ring. drool.
5. Bubby and Bean - The love patterned heart <3
6. Kraft boxes... oh the possibilities haha..(and ALL the washi tape)

can i enter?! I live in South Korea.. eep!
Such a lovely giveaway! :)

pangaloon said...

I like Laura's necklace, it is so me.

pangaloon said...

I have tweeted and facebooked this giveaway too x

pangaloon said...

Me again... I already follow your blog and Laura's, I would be happy tp follow all the other talented folk too. Done.

Melanie said...

i love all of the giveaways, but i think the bubby and bean giveaway is my favorite! i love anything dog related, and i also believe that adopting an older animal is one of the best things in the world! it's a rough road, but i couldn't imagine adopting a youngin' ever again.

Alanna said...

From Whiskey Shores - Brown Suede Cape.
From Violet Bella - the Patina and Chocolate Paris bracelet.
From Dolls Cabinet - The Secret Rose v2.
From Mineralogy - Herkimer Diamond Ring.
From Bubby and Bean - Crabapple Tree photograph.
From Urban Scarlet - "C" Polka Dot Classiky masking tape.

Alanna said...

Now I'm following all of them as well!

Miss Allie said...

1. Whiskey Shores- patent leather clutch
2. Violet Bella- The Little Mushroom necklace
3. Dolls Cabinet- Sweet a la mode
4. Mineralogy- Rough Peruvian Pyrite Earrings
5. Bubby and Bean- CRABAPPLE TREE - 5x7 Metallic Signed Fine Art Nature Photograph Print
6. Urban Scarlet- Cloth Bags

Miss Allie said...

Tweeted about it! @MissAllieO

Miss Allie said...

Following all as well!

Susanne said...

#1 - Dooney and Bourke wallet
#2 - The Little Sewer necklace
#3 - Sweet macarons
#4 - Herkimer Diamond Ring
#5 - I Have a Crush on You .. (I much I would use this one for a certain person, haha)


stochastic said...

1. Whiskey Shores: Blue floral babydall dress
2. Violet Bella: Key to loves potion necklace
3. Dolls Cabinet: skulls rock 1
4. Mineralogy: herkimer diamond ring with vintage accents
5. Bubby & Bean: goals & wishes moleskine
6. Urban Scarlet: kraft circle stickers

Samantha :)

mmmbrains (at) gmail (dot) com

stochastic said...

I am also following everyone on google reader.

Samantha :)

mmmbrains (at) gmail (dot) com

Angie said...

Holy wow, this is fantastic!!!

From Whiskey Shores' shop, one of my favorite items is the: Striped Button Up Shirt - Size M! It's perfectly traditional and can so easily be made rockabilly!

From Violet Bella's shop, I love: Lavender & Teal Floral Bud Ring! Two of my favorite colors together AND flower related. Lovely!!!

From The Dolls Cabinet's shop, I adore: Big vintage bow! On my wedding day, I wore a lot of black jewelry and my bracelet had a big bow! So this definitely brings me back. ^_^

From Mineralogy's shop I really like: Faceted Pyrite Necklace with Vintage Elements! It's so naturally gorgeous.

From Bubby & Bean's shop, I totally want: TO BE YOURSELF Art Print - 8x10 Yellow and Gray Typography Print! It's so, so true and I'd love that on our wall!!!

From Urban Scarlet's shop, I am lusting over: "C" Polka Dot Classiky Masking Tape! I love polka dots! So cute!!!

ladybug said...

Items i love love love :)
1)Whiskey Shores - Brown Suede Cape.
2)Violet Bella - Autumn Inspired Vintage Scarf Tank Top
3)Dolls Cabinet - Sweet a la mode
4)Mineralogy - Rough Peruvian Pyrite Earrings
5)Bubby and Bean - PLAYTIME - Original Mixed Media Vintage Collage Art Block
6)Urban Scarlet - PAPER STRAWS

OH! I hope i win!!!

ladybug said...

I already had been following you and Violet Bella with Google reader...now i follow everyone else too!

im zoe said...

Im in love with the 2 Million Year Old Horse Tooth and Pyrite, its amazing! i dont think i'd ever take it off :)


im zoe said...

Im already a follower of you lovely blog.

Zoe x


jes said...

i follow your blog though blogger and theirs too.

Cheryl said...

-Whisky shores: Red Jersey dress is so cute!
-Violet Bella: Vintage Inspired Owl necklace.
-The Doll's Cabinet: Sweet A la Mode necklace
-Mineralogy: Faceted Pyrite Necklace=super cool!
-Bubby and Bean: 'You are my very favorite person' print in black and red.
-Urban Scarlet:I wish I had some washi tape in my life...I do like the Sharkskin MT washi tape.

It was so fun to go "shopping". Best of luck to me!!!!

shannon*bear said...

Oh! I love #1 & #2 those are totally my favorites!

Ciera said...

What a giveaway!Here are my favorites!
Whiskey Shores: Patent Leather Clutch
Violet Bella: Key to loves potion necklace is super cute
Dolls Cabinet: The secret rose
Mineralogy: Herkimer Diamond Ring
Bubby & Bean: Goals and Wishes - Moleskine Notebook
Urban Scarlet: love the Stripe (Grey/Green) MT Washi Tape

cieraholzenthal [at] gmail [dot] com

Ciera said...

Also following in google reader!

Alicia said...

Whiskey Shores: Blue Polka Dot Dress
Violet Bella: Chasing Time Wooden Photo Necklace
Dolls Cabinet: Big Vintage Bow
Mineralogy: Native Michigan "Float" Copper Ring
Bubby & Bean: Follow Your Wish Art Print
Urban Scarlet: Heart Stickers
Such a great giveaway... thanks so much :)


Alicia said...

Also following all on bloglovin :)

Anonymous said...

i love #6. its so cute :D


Danielle Ryann said...

Whiskey Shore: Tooled Leather Handbag
Violet Bella: Yellow Rose Layered Leaf Necklace
The Dolls Cabinet: The Secret Rose
Mineralogy: Rough Peruvian Pyrite Earrings
Bubby + Bean: Follow Your Bliss Art Print
Urban Scarlet: Cloth Bags

sweet giveaway!

Danielle Ryann said...

i follow yours and the others with bloglovin'!

Elizabeth Anne said...

I love number#4 Giveaway! Violet Bella's leaf necklace! I already follow your blog & her's!

Becky said...

Whiskey Shores: Blue Floral Babydoll Dress
Violet Bella: Lemon Drop Rose Bud Earrings
Doll's Cabinet: The Secret Rose
Mineralogy: Herkimer Diamond Ring
Bubby and Bean: Create Collage
Urban Scarlet: Mixed Pattern Washi Tape

squirrelgonutz [at] yahoo [dot] com

Amy - a is for ampersand said...

1. Striped Crop Top
2. The Little Photographer necklace
3. Sweet macarons necklace
4. Herkimer Diamond Ring with Vintage Accents (SO PRETTY!)
5. Big Ideas - Original Dog Cover Art on Moleskine Notebook Journal
6. N stripe classy masking tape


Amy - a is for ampersand said...

I tweeted about it! http://twitter.com/#!/amorby/status/64891215014928384

Windowfog said...

Whiskey Shores: the plaid Jacket and the spring plaid coat
Violet Bella: the little arrow necklace
The Dolls Cabinet: sweet macarons
Mineralogy: the faceted pyrite necklace
Bubby and Bean: Goals and Wishes Mokleskin notebook.

windowfog [at] gmail [dot] com

Windowfog said...

Whoops, sorry! Forgot Urban Scarlet on my post!

Urban Scarlet: the Q classiky masking tape!

windowfog [at] gmail [dot] com

sissy said...

Whiskey Shores - Blue Floral Babydoll DressViolet Bella - Patina and pink floral ring
The Dolls Cabinet - Skulls rock in red
Minerology - Rough Peruvian Pyrite Earrings
Bubbly and Bean - To Have Ideas, Original Design on Red Moleskin Journal
Urban Scarlet - Heart stickers


erica said...

I would love the following:
#1: tooled leather handbag
#2: key to loves potion necklace
#3: sweet macarons necklace
#4: herkimer diamond ring
#5: you are my very favorite person print
#6: mixed pattern washi tape

Erica said...

I'm following everyone's blogs via google reader.

Allie said...

#1: Love the striped top
#5: Love the "Bonjour" print
#6: The paper straws are so cute

This Earthly Tent said...

I love love Hannah's item of her embroidered bird!

This Earthly Tent said...

I'm a follower!

Heidi Lynn Bragg said...

I want to win!

emily said...

Hi Moorea, haven't commented before, but I love your blog!

Whiskey Shores: patent leather clutch
Violet Bella: too many to choose from but I love the Autumn Mixtape necklace
The Dolls Cabinet: Sweet Macarons
Mineralogy: Herkimer diamond ring
Bubby & Bean: creativity takes courage
Urban Scarlett: mixed pattern MT washi tape

Alexa said...

How wonderful! All of the giveaways are fantastic! Here are my favorite items:
1. Green Dooney and Burke Wallet
2. Serenity Wooden Photo Necklace
3. Big Vintage Bow
4. Cactus Quartz Necklace
5. Goals and Wishes notebook
6. Loving all the washi tape, can't even pick a favorite pattern!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful blog! I absolutely adore you!

Brandi Buehler said...

#1 chain leather sandals
#2 Never Stop Looking back photo necklace
#3 Teddy bear V2 necklace
#4 Pyrite cube necklace on vintage brass rods
#5 Merci - Dog Thank You Greeting Card and Envelope (i'd love to see a 3 legged dog card...would be perfect for the animal hospital that saved my Noosa :)
#6 um, one of everything...or two...

This is the best giveaway ever!

Brandi Buehler said...

Tweeted about the giveaway as well :)

violentlyinlove said...

#1 tooled leather handbag
#2 miniature key & owl necklace
#3 big vintage bow
#4 rough peruvian pyrite earrings
#5 big ideas original dog on moleskine
#6 heart stickers

amazing giveaway!

va said...

whiskey shores
bubby and bean
urban scarlet

tumblemumbo at gmail dot com

va said...

following all blogs with gfc /va except urban scarlet which is with fb / ana amanti
tumblemumbo at gmail dot com
thank you !

Jenny said...

Thanks for this lovely giveaway!

My favorites in each shop:
Whiskey Shores-the blue polka dot dress
Violet Bella-the plum & brass feather necklace
The Dolls Cabinet-the big vintage bow necklace
Mineralogy-the faceted pyrite necklace
Bubby & Bean-the "you are my very favorite person" greeting card
Urban Scarlet-the paperstraws


lexacd said...

#1: Brown Suede Cape
#2: Patchwork Denim Miniskirt
#3: The Secret Rose v.2
#4: Herkimer Diamond Ring
#5: You Are My Very Favorite Person ART PRINT - Yellow and Gray
#6: Sweet Stands

alexandra_digiorgio at comcast dot net

lexacd said...

I also follow each of their blogs!
Thanks for this great giveaway! <3

alexandra_digiorgio at comcast dot net

Phoebe said...

My favourites from each shop are:
Whiskey Shores: http://www.etsy.com/listing/62146962/tooled-leather-handbag
Violet Bella: http://www.etsy.com/listing/55041751/serenity-wooden-photo-necklace
The Doll's Cabinet: http://www.etsy.com/listing/73559337/gothic-rose
Mineralogy: http://www.etsy.com/listing/64715987/peruvian-pyrite-cocktail-ring-as-seen-on
Bubby & Bean: http://www.etsy.com/listing/64338105/create-sewing-and-fashion-inspired
Urban Scarlet: http://shop.urbanscarlet.com/product/small-manila-tags

Thank you!