A Big Thank You!

Hey everyone!
I just want to stop in to say THANK YOU to everyone who is taking the opportunity to snatch up a little something from my shop while the 4 day Sale is open.  I have really been needing some extra $ for some wedding trips I am going on this summer, and a trip I am headed out on this afternoon to visit my grandparents who I haven't seen in forever, and my sister for her birthday.  Her actual birthday was yesterday, go leave her a belated happy birthday note!  It's funny how being a young 20 something, there are tons of people around me getting married and weddings I need to attend, but, hello, I am a young 20 something trying to run my own business so I have basically no extra cash for trips haha.  So thank you for helping me get to the events I need to attend this summer!  I appreciate it so much!
I was hoping for just a few sales but was so happy to see lots of friends coming out of the wood works and ordering their favorite little items yesterday.  Like I said, I am headed out on a trip this afternoon until this weekend so I didn't have enough time to make and package all of the items before I leave this afternoon.  But don't you worry folks, I'll have everything out and at the post office as soon as I am back next week!

The Sale goes until Friday May 20th at midnight, so you still have time to take 25% off of your next bundle of items in my shop with the code:  SUMMERSUN.


Jaclyn said...

Holy cow, look at all those sales yesterday!!! Congrats, Moorea ;)

Joy said...

Ooh this is so awesome. I have a wedding to attend this weekend and a dress to buy! Hopefully you won't be as time pressed as I am and enjoy each of the weddings accordingly. It's wedding season people!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

ahhh, taking a look right now.