Blog Makeover: A Day With Kate

This is by FAR my most favorite blog I have ever designed!  And I am so excited to announce it is up and running, so go check out A Day With Kate!  It's really funny, Kate and I actually went to the same university in Seattle and I think we graduated the same year too, but we never knew each other in college.  We connected through the blogging world after college and then she ended up hiring me to design her blog!  I really love her blog, beautiful photos and posts about lovely things and a lifestyle that I find interesting.  I think the new design reflects her personality and style extremely well now, and it was ridiculously fun creating the blog for her because I totally have a similar love for clean, modern, and fun design as she does.  I hope you have lots of fun with your new blog layout and design, Kate!  It was wonderful working with you :)

I also illustrated a custom portrait for Kate.  
She has such lovely almond shaped eyes and I'm super jealous of her natural curly locks. 

If you are interested in a custom blog design or an illustrated portrait, checkout the Freckled Nest Design websiteOr jump ahead and learn more about our blog design package options!


sarah nicole said...

It's lovely! I'll have to save my pennies, I would love for you to makeover my blog.

Hopefully I'll be in touch soon!



rosieposie said...

i'm saving my pennies for a makeover too! kate's blog looks great.

Lily Darger said...

I love it! Especially the "blogs I read" section. It is noticeable, but it doesn't take over.

Little Lo Hood said...

fantastic! I'm with sarah, i've been seriously contemplating digging away at my savings for such a beautiful blog makeover.

lizzie said...

it looks FANTSTIC.

Liz said...

Great job, I love it!

Megan V said...

Ughhhh so gorgeous!!
I love it!! I would totally want to hire you to redesign my blog. As soon as I can afford to.... I AM GOING TO.

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

oh Moorea, i really dig it lades! you did a fine job for Kate indeed. what a small world that you two were following the same path but never ran into each other during that time, this universal conspiracy of bringing you together now was obviously a serendipitous happenstance.

you nailed her in that stellar illustration, i adore her Rapunzel like locks too. love the color story you chose and the angles being repeated, kudos and bravos!!!! ♥