Music Monday: The Head and The Heart

I've know a few kids from The Head and The Heart for a couple of years, cough Josiah and Charity (the boy in the middle and the lovely lady on the right).  I actually knew them before the pretty miss Charity was a part of the band and my old sweet friend Chelsey was still a member, before they blew up all over the place playin' fancy shows and being a Starbucks "Pick of the Week."  My old band The Mopes actually played a show with them back in 2009 that I designed a poster for too.  I've gotta tell ya, I've had a few musical friends here in Seattle make it big, but no one blew up like The Head and the Heart did.  When they renamed themselves the Head and the Heart after originally going by Ladies and Gentlemen, I teased Josiah that he stole my song title Mr. Head and Mrs. Heart.  You owe me one Josiah!  Just teasin' :)

Anyway, recently one of our mutual friends, and one of the most wonderful and incredible women I have ever known, the profoundly wise and kind Jessica Howen (Jess, I miss you!!!) asked Josiah if the Head and the Heart could perform a song that Jessica wrote the lyrics to, a song about her boyfriend Josh McBride.  Also, an incredible fellow whose birthday was yesterday!  The video above is of that song!  Jessica is so dang poetic.  Great job kids.

Ps, if you'd like to hear ye old song of mine that I wrote a few years ago called Mr. Head and Mrs Heart, click below on the "Free MP3" button to download it for free!  When I visualize the song, I picture a cartoon brain with skinny little legs and arms being Mr. Head and a tubby plumpy little cartoon heart with rosy cheeks and wobbly legs being Mrs. Heart and a full on cartoon music video going along with the song.  It's sort of an analogy for a real life experience I went through in college.  Sometimes songs are like journal entries that I am thankful are over and that I can reflect on later and think, God, I like my present life so much more than that experience.  And every time I hear someone mention The Head and the Heart, the band, I immediately think of my cartoon music video in my mind and I giggle a little inside. :)


pangaloon said...

Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Stevie said...

I LOVE The Head and the Heart. So cool that you know them! It's so inspiring to see good friends work hard and become successful.

kelly ann said...

I seriously DIG them. They're so fantastic, I can't get enough of their tunes.

Listening to your song riiiight now! :)

Alyssa said...

I love this band, I have been listening to them almost nonstop for the past month. I may have been a tad late on "discovering" them. Oh well ;)

rosieposie said...

your song was really beautiful moorea!

Anonymous said...

so enjoyed it! :)

Anna Cooke said...

I am so in love with this band. When I lived in Seattle I saw them live as a part of KEXP's concert series, and now that I live in Portland, I just had the opportunity to see them here. It is so wonderful to see such a genuinely talented band gain such well deserved popularity. Your ties to them are awesome, and I absolutely loved your song Mr. Head and Mrs. Heart!

keep being one of my favorite blogs out there Moorea!

<3 Anna