Tuesday Tunes: Japan Relief Album

I just spotted this on I Art U.  It's a compilation album created by Le Grand Cru and 100% of the proceeds go to Direct Relief International for relief work in Japan!  Amazing and awesome.  I was surprised when I saw the line up because hey, there are my friends Hot Bodies in Motion!  Like I have said before on my blog, these are some of my best buddies here in Seattle.  And I am happy to see their name popping up in different places across the web, especially since they are associated with this awesome compilation.

I also noticed that the album houses quite a few of my fellow Seattle musicians!  My old band The Mopes played a show with the ever so talented and beautiful girl duo LeMolo last year.  If you like Beach House, you will LOVE LeMolo.  Here is my favorite song of theirs:

Lemolo "Open Air" from James Bailey on Vimeo.

You can check out the compilation here, and you can listen to the entire album for free before you buy it too!  
It's only $11 for 13 songs.  So worth it!


jennifer ▲ i art u said...

oh my goodness! thank you so much for sharing this moorea!!

Mikey said...

Yes! Thank you so much for passing the word along. Maybe we can all meet up sometime!

olive green anna said...

wow I miss seattle bands.

Pickwick is one of the best bands to see live. Poblo Trucker is a great band of my friend Cory. Garage Voice is great!

Wow. wonderful thank you for the news.

I'll be listening to it and most likely purchasing it.



What a great cause!