What I Wore Lately

I haven't done a "What I Wore" post in awhile, but I haven't had enough free time lately to really do a full photoshoot.  So I thought, hey, why don't I just try to snap a few photos in my mirror every day or two to show you what has been on my bod.  Also, this way I don't have to really gussy up my hair or make up since you can't really see my face behind the camera, hehe, lazy.

Outfit 1:
flannel: target, a gift from my baby sis
grey tank:  who knows where that old thing is from
favorite jeans:  forever 21
shoes:  courtesy of Blowfish shoes
necklace:  courtesy of Vivi Dot

Outfit 2:
favorite plaid shirt: was my grandma's in the 70s
infinity scarf:  forever 21
white belt:  grandma's from the 70s
pencil skirt:  forever 21, ( sale: $5)
grey tights:  nordstrom
grey shoes:  urban outfitters, (sale: $25)

Outfit 3:
Grey sweater: urban outfitters, (sale: $15)
mini dress:  h&m
favorite boots:  nordstrom outlet
wooden bangles:  yearly Christmas gifts from my dad
wood necklace:  made by me

I just received these beautiful shoes from Blowfish Shoes and I love love love love them!  On their website, they look a little more brown, but I was SO pleased to see they are more like my favorite shade of army green in real life.  I will be wearing these all summer long.  They are super soft inside and they are just enough heel to feel good on the arch but not so tall that I can't walk in them.  I'm a clumsy gal but I do love me some heel.


Lily Darger said...

huuuuu! Those shoes are too much!


Suburban Sweetheart said...

Those shoes are amazing. I've been obsessing over Blowfish for a little while now... sighhhh.

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

love those shoes - soooo cute! the color is perfect too.

my fave outfit has to be #3 - love your style!

Vanessa said...

I really, really love Blowfish. I have already purchased 3 pairs of shoes from their site since March.....this may have to be my 4th!

katie said...

ohh cute! i love the outfits!

Angie said...

I love all of these outfits... So so much. Seriously gorgeous and comfy looking!!! Also, YAY PLAID! I love plaid! The design and the fabric. So pretty. ^_^

Also, I'm pretty much a new Blowfish shoe addict. Holy guacamole!

Sara said...

OMG I think I could wear Outfit #2 every day! So lovely!

naomi: said...

I've had my eye on those Champs for awhile now...maybe it's time to get me a pair, they're so cute!

Amy - a is for ampersand said...

looooove all of the above. So pretty. it's all so casual and comfy but so put together. And those shoes...why is Blowfish killing my wishlist lately? Gah! Where's the limitless shoe money?!

Joy said...

Simply loving this! So nicely put together :)

Ruzu said...

The second outfit its my favorite :D I like oxfords

take care

Ashley Gray said...

I love all of these outfits SO much! I want your clothes... NOW!

Cassie Nafziger said...

I love these outfits! Cute blowfish shoes!

a day with kate said...

STOP IT. I love outfit #2. You are rockin' it girl. So cute!

Mish said...

I was not a fan of the style of those Blowfish shoes until I saw the way you wore them. I absolutely love them!! So jealous of your beautiful style.

Alycia (thecuriouspug.com) said...

those shoes are amazingly cool! i already have my shoe organizer totally filled so it's just not possible to get more shoes. though i will hide them under the bed if i have to ;)

Rachel - Firebird said...

I can not resist a bit of plaid, you look fabulous

Mrsink said...

First let me say, I love your blog/stalk your blog :) Cute outfits and I'm a huge fan of the shoes. I might just need a pair myself.

Jaclyn said...

Awesome outfits. Those Urban Outfitters shoes are amazing. UO sales are so, so fab.

AlternaDivas said...

Wow! I loved all!
You're such a fashionista!
Congrats! ;)

Molly said...

So happy to see you rocking your necklace! I've been wearing the triangle necklace you gave me a lot! Love it!!

TheLovelyHunter said...

second outfit is my fave! glad to know i'm not the only one who shops F21 and the sale wrack at urban outfitters!

Jennifer M. said...

I love your style! So comfortable, yet still stylish. :)

Songbird said...

Outfit #2 is my favorite! Just love the colors!!
xx Shelley