A Life Update + A Beautiful Video + And A Thank You to You My Friends

Prettiest recipe video of all time.  via Making it Lovely.

I'm headed back up to Seattle tomorrow with my lovely boyfriend in his good ol' car.  13 hours of driving...the second big long drive this week.  Wish us luck!  We were busy busy all this past week with our friends' wedding festivities (it was the most gorgeous wedding I've ever been to... and I forgot to bring my camera.  Damn.)  I got to meet my boyfriend's best friends from high school which was super rad because we went to the same high school, and he and I and all of his friends knew OF each other back then, but I never met his friends or got to know my boyfriend while we were all in high school together years and years ago.  My boyfriend and I were acquaintances through college, but got to know each other after college and immediately started dating.  We've been dating for a year and a half now and I love him very much. :)  And I LOVE his friends, most of which were at the wedding.
I went to another friend from high school's wedding shower in the past couple of days which was really sweet.  And I got to spend time with my parents and sisters and their new doggies.  Both of my little sisters got dogs this week and our family home has been packed with animals and fellow animal lovers all week.  My family also always has someone needing a place to live at our family home which means I am always accumulating new pseudo brothers.  I am so thankful my family is so compassionate and kind to others, especially those who have no where else to go or who need family and guidance.  And it has been great getting to know our new friend Justin.  Needless to say, this week has been busy and I am wiped out, especially after dancing my booty off last night at the wedding with new friends!  It was glorious.

First, in my thanks for the week, I would like to thank my wonderful friends who have been guest blogging for me while I have been traveling and attending wedding celebrations.  I really really dig all these ladies and it has been fun getting to introduce them and their blogs to my readers!
And secondly, I would like to thank all of you who left me kind comments on that Urban Outfitters post I wrote (which I immediately took down after reading some nasty comments that some not so gentle hearted people left on my blog.)  This is the last time I will speak of it.  And I am thankful that many of you understood that I did not intend to sound victimized by Urban Outfitters.  I simply wanted to empower the blogging and Etsy community to stand up against big businesses ripping off Etsy artists' work.
As many of my faithful blog followers understand, I am passionate about standing up for the rights of individuals, loving and empowering people in my community and those outside of it, promoting the importance of supporting the handmade artist community and small businesses, and just trying to keep my blog a positive, honest, and loving space filled with kind words.  I appreciate all of you who left me kind notes.  I am sorry some people took my post the wrong way and left hateful words that I had to delete.  And I hope from here on out that my blog can continue to be a space where people share encouraging and uplifting words with one another.  No anonymous criticism or hate.  No backhanded comments, defensive words, or arguing for wrong or right reasons.  Just simply thoughtful and intentional good spirited words shared with one another.

I appreciate you all a lot, and I know that we are all mature enough at any age to be kind to each other.  I have experienced plenty of bullying in my life and I understand now as an almost 25 year old woman how to let it roll off my shoulders.  I'm a tough cookie.  But cyber bullying is never ok on my blog, or anyone's blog.  I would NEVER leave you a condescending, critical, mean, or backhanded comment on your blog on purpose.  Never.  So spread the word to your readers from here on out, we will not accept cyber bullying, and we won't let it hurt us.  We will fight hate with love as a community.  And we will treat others as we wish to be treated, even those that seek to hurt us.  That is the way of a wise and thoughtful person who understands the power of kindness.  And I know that my readers are an extremely kind and thoughtful collective of people.  I appreciate you.


kelly ann said...

I love you dearly. That is the truth. <3

And oh my goodness that video is fantastic.

Joy said...

I was totally enraptured by this video. Damn you find so much better things on Vimeo! I am so glad you enjoyed yourself greatly on your wedding adventures and your friends wrote such wonderful posts. I haven't read your UO post but I am so very surprised that you would receive, from what it seems, such angry backlash - I thought everybody would be on the side of the Etsy people such as yourself. That said I think you are such a pleasant warm person that I can't imagine anyone would have the audacity to leave such ugly comments on your blog.

Kittie Flyn said...

Safe driving to Seattle. It's been beautiful weather here. :)

I'm a new reader but must say, you certainly don't deserve to be bullied or criticized. It's so frustrating that the anonymity of the internet seems to make people so mean.

You're such a positive person I don't understand why anyone would attack you.


benddownboutique said...

have fun on your trip!

i hate that urban outfitters copied your designs like that... i am and have been for the past 2 years very much supportive of the etsy community, i only ever buy handmade or charity shop things and only shop on the high st for basic things.

noone should have to put up with bullying. I have been cyber bullied and it is sooo not cool. the fact that someone did that to you when you were simply expressing yourself is beyond my understanding.


Anonymous said...

bullies are cowards. there is a reason those kinds of comments are always anonymous. sad, sad people. and yes, fight back with LOVE. 'cause love rocks!

so glad you had a good time at the wedding. hope you're having a good road-trip back. xo

Hillary Rose said...

I just recently came across you blog. Just wanted to let you know I think it's absolutely beautiful and as far as the Urban things goes, anyone who would defend a multinational company that treats their employees like retail slaves is pretty warped. (I worked for Anthropologie for many years...) lol Anyhow this is getting long but lovely blog and keep on trucking.

Rachel said...

Very cool recipe video...it makes baking so romantic...anywhoo, you rock and I enjoy reading your blog daily..hugs to you !

Violet Bella said...

you are so so correct moorea. this is why i love reading what you have to say. you come from the same place in your heart i do. open, honest and loving. xo.

Mrsink said...

Sounds like a great trip! That's cool that you have such a neat history of friends with your boyfriend...I loved meeting my boyfriend's (now husband) high school friends too. I am with you on the comment thing. I don't understand how people think it's ok to be rude or condescending, but I love how you handle it. You're so honest and sweethearted.

Marilyn said...

You should not have to justify yourself and where stand on the UO situation. Reading the comments from anonymous posters bothered me and it seemed like they missed the point. I still love your blog and your work is stunning. Just keep at it. :)

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful video!! reminds me of a Donna Hay cookbook that I love :)

Ruzu said...

amazing video *___*
Thank you for helping the Etsy and handmade crafters :D

Have fun in your trip

JelenaDoll ~ said...

Wow that video is amazing! :O

katecreate said...

That video is stunning!

Anonymous said...

The only two issues I have with the UO post you did is first, the fact that when I sent you the link to a blog post I wrote about Stevie/Tru.che's experience you replied that she had gotten excellent promo from the situation.

Anyone that commented on your UO post that also follows you closely enough on Twitter might have seen that, and the tweet could have set the tone for how they read and understood your post.

I'm not trying to be mean, I promise, only trying to share my perspective. I just want to point out that it is possible that it wasn't JUST the anonymous commentators trying to be jerks. They really could have thought you meant it that way based on that tweet you sent me.

And secondly I'm also shocked/sad/disappointed that you edited your entire post out just because you received a small percent of comments that weren't reaffirming your stance on the situation. Especially because I thought it was a very good post. After reading this post I'm trying to figure out if difference of opinion now equals cyber bullying on this blog. Two of the anonymous comments were definitely not in tactful taste, but one of them I read was simply disagreeing with you, and was later deleted. So I'm not sure I feel comfortable now visiting and commenting on your blog, because what if I don't always agree with you on something in the future? I feel now like I can't express that if it happens and I'll only be accepted my you and your other readers if I agree and always speak rainbows and sunshine dust. So I'm not sure I'll ever comment after this. I'm still trying to decide. But I'm not very keen on continuing to participate in your corner of the internet since I don't feel comfortable. I'm also really sad because I was planning on purchasing your jewelry for all my girlfriends for holiday presents later in the year. Now I just feel uncomfortable.

Again, I'm really not trying to be mean. Just trying to be honest and let you know how I feel.

Jennifer M. said...

I definitely agree. Blogs are no place for arguing and criticism - especially the anonymous kind.