Paint Your Love, week 8: Starting Again & Thoughts from Diana from Our City Lights

Today the ever so lovely, thoughtful, and eloquent Diana from Our City Lights will be telling a little story of why painting her nails is a small personal investment that helps her see she is taking time to take care of herself both in the happy and stressed times of life.  It's easy to love yourself when times are happy, fun, and relaxed.  But the challenging moments of life are when you REALLY need to take time to invest in you.  I love how Diana words this for herself.

When I’m stressed, the first thing that goes are my chipped nails. Then my unruly eyebrows. Then my frizzy unkempt hair makes an appearance. Then my face washing routine stops. The list is constant and ladies, you know exactly what this list may contain. Just by looking at me in times of hardship, you would never think I have ten years experience in cosmetology and I can’t seem to find the time to beautify myself. I used to believe if I take care of myself physically, then I must be taking the time away from other activities that will really nourish me, like reading, relationships, and other subjects that bring me joy. After a few years of trial and error, it was a naive way of thinking. When Moorea started her Paint Your Love series, I was reminded how powerful a bottle of nail polish was. Painting my nails seems like the smallest task, but just like not painting them, it’s a stepping stone to who I choose to be- a better version of my stressed self, or a messier version of my stressed self. It’s not about how others perceive me by appearance, it’s how I decide to take for myself. Other people may take it one day at a time, but for me, it’s more like one coat at a time. 

Thank you for your thoughtful words Diana!
Readers, how have you been doing lately?  I realize I haven't don't a Paint Your Love post in 2 weeks, and you know, I've noticed that I have been letting my nails chip and crumble, along with the self confidence and happiness at times.  I have been missing my best friends who have moved away, a lot.  And the lonely feeling tries to pull me into my shell, attempts to convince me I am feeling down, and tries to make me think that I just don't want to invest in myself right now or take steps to take care of myself.  I realized all of these crappy feelings the day before my birthday (which was Tuesday.)  Thankfully, I had great friends to snap me out of it on my birthday, celebrating with delicious food and lots of laughter.  My dearest girl friend here in Seattle, Allie, gave me 3 bottles of nail polish.  And as I looked down at my chipped nails, I remembered, I've got to keep doing this project not just for my readers, but for myself as well!  Keeping a weekly routine of painting my nails helps me refresh my mind remembering weekly that each week is a new opportunity to get healthy in my mind and body.  Each week is a new chance to recharge my spirit, my self confidence, owning the fact that I deserve to invest in myself and take care of myself.  A busy work life, juggling projects, trying to find balance with friends, are all necessary things.  But they are NOT excuses for me to put off taking care of myself.  I start to feel very sensitive when I am stressed or sad, and I need to remind myself that if I am taking the time to coat my nails in paint, love, protection, and a layer of confidence, I have no need to let myself feel so sensitive and easily breakable.  I have strength and confidence when I take action to invest in me.
How are you doing friends?  Do you feel the need to start again in investing in you?  I just painted my nails a lovely lavender with one of the Essie nail polishes that Allie gave me.  And I'm already feeling better :)


kate gabrielle said...

What a fantastic post!! I love the idea of nail polish as a layer of confidence. I too get incredibly sensitive when I'm feeling low -- way too sensitive -- and I need to build up my armor a bit.. a [nail polish] coat of armor :)

Diana said...

Thanks for having me, Moorea. xx

Anonymous said...

Perfect timing! I just bought 2 brand new bottles of nail polish today. I plan on doing my nails tonight. This was a great post and I appreciate you doing it. I have read it since the beginning, but only recently participated.

I will use this as a way to remember that I am strong in times of weakness.

Meghan said...

For me, nail polish is the last to go when I'm stressed. Taking time once or twice a week to do my nails allows me to have real "me" time. Away from people, and not on the Internet. Plus, the compliments I get on my nails definitely help me even more when I'm feeling glum!

These are my current nails!:

rosieposie said...

oh moorea first and foremost i am sending you some lovely hugs and lots of love. it must be really tough that some of your close friends have moved away, and i completely understand the feeling of fighting against being pulled back into your shell ~ i call it my black hole, as it feels like gravity is pulling me in.

I have recently finished my maths degree after a hard battle this year, and over the last few weeks have been feeling a bit lost too and without direction, so i was so happy when i saw this paint your love post today. i am starting again with you, and continuining on this fantastic journey with you.


Pink Penguin (Elyse) said...

This was such a lovely read, both your words and Diana's. I can relate to this so much. My nail polish is extremely chipped right now! But I am determined to use the weekend to have a bit of 'me' time and get back in the right head space. It's so hard when your closest friends move away *hugs* xxx

olive green anna said...

Moorea and Diana,

Thank you for the post. I need to remember to take care of my self too!

I think i will go paint my nails right now as a little time for my self.



Ashley said...

Diana, thank you so much for this post. I was out of town all week, and my nails are showing a lot of wear and tear. I can't wait to get home tonight, decide on a color, and take a little time for myself.

Thanks for the reminder, ladies! :)

Anonymous said...

Love this post. Diana is so inspiring. I don't normally paint my fingernails but my toenails almost always look good.

Allie said...

Can I borrow the lavender color I gave you sometime?? Haha. It's just so pretty :)

Siobhan said...

I love this post too. My personal appearance always slips when I'm stressed which just adds to more stress! In fact, in times of stress we should be taking better care of ourselves and not less. All the more reason to treat ourselves!

First time reading your blog, looking forward to becoming a regular reader!

Kait said...

It's so true about the nails!! So great for a stress reliever

I love this colour & the ring!

Anonymous said...

there is an amazing correlation between well-kept nails and a sense for feeling "together". i couldn't quite nail it, but diana did -- thanks to both of you.

hey moorea -- off topic: i LOOOOOOOOOOVE my ring. i'm so in love with it. i've been wearing it daily since i got it and i only wish that i didn't have to take it off. i know how gollum feels about The Ring now and in the same way, your Amethyst ring is my Precious.

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

First off, I love this series. I paint my nails when stressed or bored or angry... its a big stress reliever and I have like 1000 nail polish colors!

Jennifer M. said...

Diana makes an excellent point. I think I fall into that too - if I'm stressed, taking care of my looks is the first thing to go, when really it should be the first thing we do!

Speaking of nails, mine haven't been painted since the first photo I sent you. I think I will take the time to do that tonight! It really does make a difference in how I feel - strange, but true.

Sarah With Love said...

Oooo im so glad to see this back, i think its that time of year, people are starting to get low, and its like Diana said, its so easy to allow yourself to slip back


Mandee said...

This was one of my favorite posts. I just found out I have cervical cancer. I am going to want to still polish my nails. If I lose my hair and weight, it'll be okay. I can still look girly with my nail.