Road Trip!! with Lauren from Busy Bee Lauren

Well, for the rest of the week I have some wonderful friends guest posting on my blog while I am on a road trip to California with my boyfriend to go to our friend's wedding.  I've asked said wonderful friends to post about road trips and adventures, what to wear to a wedding and what to bring, and other fun summer related DIYs!  I'm so excited to share everything with you so have fun visiting my blog while I'm away.  There are so many goodies in store... :) - Moorea

hi everyone! my name is lauren...nice to meetcha!  i was so honored when moorea asked me to guest post on her blog!  i thought since she went on a fun road trip, i would share with you some memories from my favorite road trips!  and by memories, i totally mean photos. people that read my blog know i hate getting wordy. i'd rather be image heavy!


my husband and i haven't been married quite 3 years yet, but we have been many places together on the pacific northwest. we love quick trips to california, we loved everything about oregon and washington, and we dream of living in seattle one day. as you can see we love taking photos, too. i hope moorea takes a ton of photos on her trip! i can't wait to see :)
if you want to follow more of my adventures, you can follow my blog here, or my tumblr here.


Joy said...

This seems all very fun and great post! Love the shots of the buildings.

Amy Seager said...

GOrgeous photos! I love the wall of vintage plates and the beautiful buildings!

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Have a great day!
love from

Cassie Nafziger said...

Squirrel!! These are such great photos! I love road trips too--wish I had the time to go on more. We plan on heading out to Nevada and Arizona in July for some quick, couple of days trips. I'm totally going to take a million pics! Great post Lauren!

Hope you have an awesome time on your trip Moorea and be safe!

lots of love--

katie said...

gorgeous photos!!

rosieposie said...

oh my such beautiful pictures. i think the waterfall one is my favourite - so lovely
hope you're having fun moorea :-)

Jennifer M. said...

I love the silhouette grafitti-paintings. Those are really cool.