If you are missing these pretty crowns that are no longer available in my shop, you can purchase them for a limited time in the Gary Pepper Vintage online store!  I gave them the very last stock of these crowns which are made from a beautiful rare vintage chain.  There are just a few left in the GPV store so hurry up and grab yours before then are gone forever!

I also just restocked my shop with lots of pretty goodies.  I'll be doing an experimental photoshoot this coming week of tons of new head pieces and pretty turquoise pieces.  I'll be in front of the camera this time as the model which is very intimidating.  And my lovely boyfriend will be doing the photography.  We'll see how it goes...wish me luck that I can look even 1/2 as pretty as my sweet redheaded friend who modeled for me before she moved away!

I only have one more of the headpieces with black ribbon left, as seen on Tea Talk most recently.  If you have been dying to get one, now is the time!


Heather Marie said...

Oh no!! You're not gonna make them anymore?? How sad. =( Wish I could get one right now.

beca said...

you're going to look gorgeous!

Meanz said...

Can't wait to see what you put in your shop, and also I am so glad I snatched one of the last ones of these up when I did! :)

Meanz (Koi Story)