Tasty Treats for Camping Trips, with Molly

Hi there, I'm Molly! I'm the gal behind Vivi Dot, an accessories line you may have seen featured here on Moorea's blog recently. You can also catch up with me over at the Dot Girl Blog so I hope you'll come by and say hello sometime soon!

Summer is upon us which means it's time to get out into the wilderness and get camping! I really love completely logging off from my hectic online life, packing up the car and heading out to the woods with friends (both human and canine). I can really rough it if the situation calls for it, but I much prefer to come totally prepared with practical, but rustically gourmet food to make the outside living arrangements feel like home.

A staple for my camping excursions are chocolate chip pancakes. I make them up the day before we leave, wrap them in foil and then throw them on the fire when we're ready for breakfast or a sweet snack. The chocolate chips mean no syrup is needed and who really needs forks either? If you want to splurge and make them extra fancy I suggest using Mo's Bacon Chocolate or their complete pancake mix like you see in the pic below. A yummy orange dark chocolate bar is a great vegetarian choice as well. Just chop up the bar into big chunks and add them to the pancakes after they've been on the griddle a minute or two. The campfire will melt that delicious chocolate and give you an easy to prepare, hot breakfast that can't be beat.

My other favorite, wrap it in foil and throw it on the fire, treat is dessert bananas. All you have to do for this one is slice open a banana (still in the peel) and make a loose foil tent around around it. Drop your choice of sweet goodies in the middle of the split banana (think chocolate chips, marshmallows, butterscotch chips and/or peanut butter), close up the foil, and set it in or near the coals of the fire. Once it's nice and hot and melted, grab a spoon and scoop out the warm chocolatey goodness.

I hope you have many chances to enjoy mother nature's beauty in your neck of the woods this summer. I myself will be waiting anxiously for my first trip down the river!


jenny aka. little j. said...

I love camping! If I get a chance to go this summer I'm totally going to try one of these ideas! ;)

Allie said...

bacon and chocolate... yum!!!

Alycia (thecuriouspug.com) said...

those pancakes look so good! i was just wondering what would be some good camping foods to bring with us, whenever that may be. :)

skarletgrrl said...

uh... yum! i might just have to make pancakes tomorrow night for dinner!!!

Inge said...

What a great idea! I'm really hoping to go camping this summer, I'll definitely keep these in mind.