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I'm really excited to share with you an interview of the creators of the awesome wooden sunglasses that I wore in my last What I Wore Post!  Meet Beca from the Tumbleweeds Odd Shop!  Beca and her partner in crime Doug run a shop that is so down my alley.  It is packed to the brim with wooden sunglasses and bangles, leather accessories, and woodsy rustic vintage goodies.  Beca also runs the Tumbleweeds blog which she is constantly updating with inspiring and creative findings, adventures, snaps of her yummy baking endeavors, and more!

My name is Beca. One 'c' because let's be real, I don't have room in my life for unnecessary letters in my name. Not that I sign a lot of checks, or doodle my own name in buttercream frosting for strangers while working. I think I just had wanted to be a little more unique than all the other beckys when I was a kid. It helps that my handwriting is SO messy, you couldn't tell if I had 1 'c' or 6 in my name, anyways. Speaking of messy, I pay the bills in cake. Not literally, but I am a pastry chef by trade, so cupcakes, cookies and the occasional erotic cake pays our bills. My other, and sometimes better, half, Doug, is a carpenter/wood working genius and we have an ever growing household of four legged babes. We also just recently transplanted our lives to San Diego, from Tucson and loving every second of it.

Doug and I also happen to run a little Etsy shop called Tumbleweeds Odd Shop. It is full of gypsy treasure, American memorabilia, handcrafted wood and leather jewelery, bike saddles, tchotchkes, folk art, taxidermy and the other sorts of gems you might find in an abandoned home or locked trunk. We scout out estate sales, flea markets and yard sales to rescue abandoned items, restore them, and try to always offer them at prices for everyday folk. We work out of our little home and when we're not carving, cutting, gluing, packing, shipping or cleaning, we lay in the hammock in our back yard, go adventuring at the cliffs in Ocean beach, take day trips in our 1979 van and watch lots, and lots of bad reality TV. All of which you can read about on the blog I spend way too much time updating! Okay, really, not nearly enough time updating!

1. When did you start your Etsy shop and why did you decided to start a handmade shop?
We opened our etsy shop in August of last year, selling mostly vintage, but slowly started incorporating our handmade work. However, we had been selling handmade goods locally (when we lived in Tucson) for sometime. I am really luck to have a day job that I love (I'm a pastry chef,) and Doug's full time gig is making sunglasses & custom wood working. We love the idea of creating and it really is all consuming. Selling online is so easy, especially on Etsy, and it lets us reach out to the entire world. We recently sold a pair of sunglasses in Slovenia! How rad is that? I can't imagine not having a shop! 

2. What are your favorite thrifting and scavenging finds?
We always look for the oddest, usually covered in dirt and under something pretty. Stuff that needs love and has lived a long life. We have a pretty insane collection of wall hangings, but recently we came across a giant, and I mean giant, yarn cross-stitch of jungle animals. The amount of time it took to make is unimaginable and every time I look at it, I think "someone made this!" in awe. We also seem to come across a lot of taxidermy, doll houses, and for some strange reason, animal shaped candles. Don't even ask me how we've ended up with so many of those.

3. How did you and Doug get into crafting and designing with wood? (I love it :)
Ah, wood. It has been in both of our blood since we were born. My dad is a carpenter in a long line of craftsman and Doug seems to have been born with a dremel in his hands. I think we are both just drawn to the variety and texture of the material and how versatile is can be. In one small sheet of veneer, the grain can vary so extremely it is hard to believe it came from the same tree. I am pretty hopeless with power tools, but love being in such an incredible partnership and being able to design, package and help create. Also, using veneer means we can create something really beautiful but only use a very small resource. We are very much into preservation and upcycling, so using such a minute amount of material is really important! 

4. How many styles of the wooden glasses and sunglasses do you guys have? And which is your favorite?
As of right now, we have just a few different shapes and styles of frames, but really the sky is the limit when it comes to choices in wood grain. There is a photo of the types of wood we have and a print list available in our shop, and we have had some pretty incredible requests. It is really inspirational to work with people and make their visions reality. Every week we are trying to add new frame styles and shapes to the shop. I love the classic wayfarer style frames with Zebra Wood, and I am really in love with the Pee Wee Herman inspired stripe frames. They're too much fun. 

5. Anything else you would like to share?
Be on the look out for heart shaped wooden faced sunglasses, they are coming!!


Chelsea Hansen said...

I love Beca and Doug's shop! Their work is absolutely amazing :)
Also, Beca is so sweet and genuine which definitely shines through her blog posts.
Love the interview :)

Grace said...

Great interview!

I love love love those wooden glasses. I think I'm going to get some and have my prescription inserted.

rosieposie said...

thanks for this interview ~ i love discovering new blogs and new shops through interviews like this <3 x

Conny's Cottage said...

That is cool ....

hugs Conny