Wedding Gifts for Under $100, with Jennifer!

Hi, I'm Jennifer from I ART U. I'm excited to be guest posting here while Moorea is out and about having fun on her road trip. Thanks for having me Moorea! //

Wedding season is upon us. I realized this quickly when I was on the way to a third wedding within a few days. Weddings can be super fun events, but they can also easily make a dent in your wallet when it comes to buying gifts. Here is a roundup of fun and affordable ($100 and under) wedding gifts for the special people in your life that are tying the knot!
DIY and other ideas:

  • Make a handmade "cookbook" for the bride and groom using your own personal and favorite recipes. Buy recipe cards, fill them out and put them in a recipe card box or decorated book/binder.
  • Terrariums! New plants and vessels are always a fun way to spruce up a home or decorate a new place! They are easy on the eyes and inexpensive to make. Check out this helpful terrarium tutorial on Design*Sponge!
  • Thrift away! The sweetest vintage goods can make the best gifts! If you prefer online shopping check out vintage shops like Hindsvik or Three Potato Four!
  • Buy the newlyweds an experience--maybe a massage to unwind from the stressful times, or tickets to a concert or the zoo.
Happy wedding season! -J.


naomi: said...

This little post was so helpful (and cute!) - I know FIVE couples who are engaged right now. The more the "marry"-ier?

Krystal said...

those glasses are on the top of my list! i got them for a friend and it was their favorite gift :)

Little Lo Hood said...

this is so great! I kind of forgot that I have a wedding this summer and need a pretty affordable gift! thanks for the great post! :)

Jennifer M. said...

These are some great ideas! I never know what to get people so usually just end up buying candles! Lol.