July Sponsors

 Meet my July Sponsors! I've loved having you be a part of my blog this month ladies :)

I'm a twenty year old art student at University of California Santa Cruz. Someday I'm going to have a shop with fine art prints and offer my photography services for weddings, graduating seniors and everything in between. Until then, I'm just working hard at school and trying to learn everything I can, saving up my pennies to get my dream job started. My blog sort of centers around these dreams with progress and art I've made in school, DIY fun projects I've tackled around the house, gardening and more!

Started A Spending Fast. Ended My Debt. You Can Too.
My name is Anna Newell Jones. My day job is as a clerk for the State of Colorado. My husband Aaron and I do some free-lance photography too. We shoot: weddings, portraits, babies, familes, events and anything else we can.  I'm an identical twin, allergic to everything outside (not pine trees) and I never met a sweet I didn't like.

Sarah Von has traveled through 25 countries without loosing her mind or her luggage. But she did throw up on the train from Mumbai to Bangalore.
Olivine’s Charm School is a natural convergence of my passions and expertise, and a platform for coaching, consorting (and eventually, online courses!)  Here you are encouraged to immerse yourself in style, beauty, juicy health and (self) love as well as pretty things, inspiration and incredible tools. Being a full time stay at home mom, I’ll frequently share tips and advice for women and mothers looking to start their own business and manifest their pleasure-filled dreams.

Hello, internet! My name is anja louise verdugo. My blog is a place for me to document my fashion inspirations, outfits, photography (analog & digital), drawings, vintage finds & shop info, etc.
Katie is a small business owner, creating the cutest unique little stuffed creatures.  She is a momma to two beautiful little girls and wife to a creative hubby.  And she blogs about her beautiful life, imaginative DIYs, her plush making business, and more!

Hi! I'm Kari, the gal behind Dove Tree Art & Design. The Dove Tree blog is a place for me to share personal, as well as business related, adventures and loves. I love: all things old, being creative and being around other creative minds, wine, baking, gardening, books and my 111-yearold house.
About My Blog: Ello! I'm Kia Rene. A tattooed graphic designer/trend analyst living in Charlotte, North Carolina who has a crazy addiction to shoes, is a serious impulse buyer, and a full time lover. My blog is filled with things I lust over and my shop is full of things I've loved and vintage finds!
20% off discount to my shop with code:  MOOREASEAL
Hello I´m a girl from El Salvador, Central America :D I want to show you and rest of the world that salvadorean girls also have talent, dreams, and good style.  I am a big fan of tea, cupcakes, cameras, vintage, shabby chic, pinup, lolita, mori girls, rococoo era, movies, music, vector design, etsy lover and much more...  Welcome to my world.  Ruzu.

I'm Laura from Turning Sideways! If you love food, fun, crazy adventures and crafts, be sure to drop by my space and say 'Hi!' and I'd like to offer a 10% discount for anything in my shop with the code:  MOOREASEAL


Laura Wynn said...

Moorrrrea! It's been super fun to be your sponsor :) I'll be back someday to sponsor again-just you wait. But for now, I'm doing a 31 days of cake party over at my blog! (eep!) You should check it out, it's gonna rock!
(ps-those glitter shoes-dang! Awesome!)

Anna said...

Hey Moorea! So glad to be a part of your blog in July! You're so awesome xo Anna

Meanz (Koi Story) said...

I love the way you organized this post Moorea! :) and it looks like you have some wonderful sponsors!

Ruzu said...

Thanks a lot, this post looks lovely :D I will back soon

Anonymous said...

I love how you put this sponsor spot together. Hopefully I can sponsor next month . . .