My Style, My Space // A Global Traveler in a Small Space with Anna

Meet Anna from Olive Green Anna! She has done a great job of styling a super small space to feel cozy and reflective of her style without getting too cramped. This is great inspiration for those of you in small spaces looking to bring a little bit of your style into the space!  And be sure to check out her shop, another extension of her warm and eclectic style.

Hello!  I'm Anna.  I wanted to share my "dining room/living room" space with you. My husband and I live in a one bedroom flat in Germany which is 30m square (98 square feet). I have a beastly school loan and so we are trying to keep life simple and cheap the first years after Uni. Anyways, our space is One Space. So, I am sharing peeks into the dining room part and the living room part. These two parts are my favorites.

I grew up in Thailand, my husband grew up overseas also, we both have traveled a lot and don't feel solely from any one place. Our home is filled with treasures we have collected. My husband has an extensive musical instrument collection. Some of the instruments I have included in our wall collage. The bottom left is an African shaker, middle is a Thai violin, and the bottom right is a bamboo saxophone he bought in Thailand also. The other pieces in this collage are family photographs and paintings and prints from my studies of art in Uni.

I would say both my style and my space speak to an Oma-Chic-World vibe. Haha. It is quite eclectic. I love warm colors, such as, mustard yellow, browns, olive green, and burnt orange. They are bold and retro but earthy at the same time. They all are bright but with a bit of dirt smudged into them.
I'm wearing one of my favorite skirts, it is a light weight, summer skirt. It was supposed to be in my shop but it fit me so well and I just couldn't part with it. That is the bad thing about owning a vintage store. I want to keep everything. I have been trying to buy things that aren't my size so I can't keep them. I love the colors in this skirt, it is just stunning. Mixing vintage skirts with warm ivory tops is something I do often. There is quite a collection of ivory tops in my closet. They which make the perfect compliment to a bold, vintage skirt like this one. My shoes are classic "Oma" (grandma in German). Most of the shoes I own have a natural feel and (6 out of 7 pairs are leather).

I wear very little jewelry (I do own one piece by Moorea's, she is a wonderful designer). I am wearing a necklace that is made out of leather and wood. One accessory I always wear is my watch, it goes with me in the shower, the swimming pool, everywhere. I love it to death and it was well worth the investment. Another piece of jewelry I always wear, is my engagement/wedding ring (we were too cheap to buy two), it was handmade in Afghanistan and I really cherish it.

This little peak at our living room portion of the house shows two of our favorite street-side furniture finds. This fancy arm chair and our lovely chest dresser. We check the streets often for treasures like these, and sometimes it pays off. We also have a record player which is playing Fleet Foxes (one of my most favorite bands), and a glowing globe lamp which is a charmer and reminds us that life is very transient and always changing.

Thank you Anna for sharing your eclectic little space!  I love that you can see your travelers spirit in your space and personal style.  So warm and inviting


Trish said...

So pretty - and also, because it confused me, your house is 323 square feet, not 98. (sorry to be that picky person!)

alex said...

Woa I love this! Everything's so pretty!

natalie said...

wow anna has done a fantastic job on this room! it just oozes her quirky style. great post!


Katie said...

Soo pretty! I love how everything is displayed :)

LittleDanielle. said...

I really love this space, I am in love with one bedrooms where the space is used as well as possible.

Little Lo Hood said...

wow, such an inspiring space..I love that two worlds can collide and create such a beautiful space! I really wish I were as well traveled as Anna! I really love this new feature...so interesting :) -Lo

olive green anna said...

Thanks lovely ladies.

Trish. Whoops. Thanks for the correction. I get my feet and meters very mixed up. Thanks.

Thank you Moorea for having me.


Joy said...

The colours in her apartment are just gorgeous!

Mandi said...

So inspiring!

Angie said...

Your home is adorable - I love how warm and unique it is!!!

*little* bouquets said...

so adoreble

Jennifer M. said...

Very cool! I love the wall with all the photos. Great arrangement. :)