New Changes to Sponsorship at Moorea-Seal.com

So folks, you will notice that I've changed the sizes for the ads available on my blog and lowered the prices for the sizing options.  Yay!  The Medium and Small ads are now larger than before and you can now purchase them in 3 month bundles to save $15!  I've also decided to change how I do giveaway so that anyone can submit a giveaway idea from their shop or store.  With this change, I'll be able to bring more opportunities for advertising for shops which I truly and honestly love.  And the quality of the giveaways will go up as well since they'll be hand picked by me :)

So, if you are interested in advertising on Moorea-Seal.com in August, email me at mooreaseal{at}gmail.com.  I'm so excited for the month ahead.  I've got lots of new features in store! 

I currently have spots available for the small, medium, and Large feature ad space 
( which is now a whopping 244x244px sized ad! )

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