The Prettiest Peaks

Gianna from Blue Pea recently sent me this pretty blue painting, Periwinkle Peaks.  I really like the style of it.  It feels really modern but looks awesome next to vintage pieces.  Above are two of my most prized possessions, mint condition limited edition concert posters from the 60s.  My dad got them for me for my 22nd and 23rd birthdays.  What makes them extra special is that the yellow and magenta one is from a concert in 1969 on my birthday of June 21st, in San Fransisco (my family lives in Northern California) and the blue green and magenta poster is from a concert by one of my dad's all time favorite bands on his birthday!  They are really special reminders to me of my Dad, the champion of picking out the most amazing thoughtful gifts.  And isn't that fuzzy magenta Mother Mary piggy bank so rad?  :)

Be sure to check out Gianna's shop, Blue Pea for not only paintings but awesome vintage items too!  Thank you Gianna, I love the painting!  I love it paired with my vintage posters.


Angie said...

Okay, I officially love that little painting. It's GORGEOUS!!! It reminds me of early morning sun hitting the mountains. ^_^ LOVE IT!!!

gianna caputo said...

thank you thank you moorea!! it looks lovely with the other colorful pieces!!! i'm glad you like it. i have lots more to sell, and you are all welcome to custom order any colors you want!

Christopher Seal said...

And I really like the framed vintage '60s posters behind the beautiful painting, too. :)

Lauren said...

I love that painting, and those posters are awesome! What thoughtful gifts!

chantal_tilly said...


Just found your blog & I love it!

Your posters and paintings are gorgeous, prefect for this sunny weather! xxx

kelly ann said...

Ohmygoodness, the prints your dad gave you are AWESOME. I love the colours & type!