20% off Jewelry this week // Shop taking a break next week

Well friends, I am headed down to Northern California tomorrow to be with family, and then we will be taking a road trip down to Southern California to be with our extended family, to love each other deeply, to mourn together, to gather strength together, and to attend my sweet grandma's funeral.  I found out that when I am home I will also be able to attend the memorial of a dear family friend who passed away in July.  It's going to be hard processing two deaths, but I am so thankful that I will get to be present at both funerals/memorials to just fully take it in with my friends and family all around.  I will be gone for two weeks but I'll be toting my jewelry along with me while in Northern California until Sunday.

I'm offering 20% off anything in my shop this week because I'm needing a little extra help to afford unexpected expenses this month with traveling and making up for the time I'll be with my extended family in Southern California.  I'll be closing my shop for the week that I am in Southern California and possibly the week after as I have to move as soon as I am back in Seattle.  So if you guys are interested in purchasing something special from my shop this month, I'd love it if you used the 20% off discount code:  SUMMERLIGHT when you checkout.  And be sure to purchase your favorite items this week so I can get it to you before the shop is closed for a little while.  And know that the purchases sold this week will have an extra dose of love and thanks put into their creation. <3

And a huge huge thank you to my friends who will be guest posting for the next 2 weeks.  Look forward to some really wonderful posts coming up :)  I'm SO thankful for my friends near and far right now.  Love you all a lot.

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Anita said...

I just bought myself {another} gypsy crown, because I love the one I have so much. And we really can't have too many pretty baubles, I think!
I hope that your sale goes well, and that your trip is safe, and healing and filled with good things.
xo, Anita